Our students are entitled to some residences agreed upon with the Department, where they may find accommodation at a subsidized price. The residences that we have chosen are all well served by public transport, which easily reach the University, and have an appropriate quality/price ratio and got what we believe to be the needs and interests of a non-local student: free WiFi service, study rooms, international but at the same time simple and comfortable environment, and a wide variety of solutions depending on the available budget.

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The openness towards different cultures and civilizations has always been a hallmark of the city of Rome throughout the centuries. Indeed it can be traced back to this basic attitude already in the ancient Romans, with their tendency to include rather than exclude the traditions of the people with whom they were in contact. This tradition of openness and comparison has remained today, attracting millions of tourists every year so as to be one of the most visited cities in the world.

Not just tourists are attracted by the "eternal city". Indeed many students each year decide to live here to attend courses at the University. This is particularly true for our courses, with a strong international vocation. Here we present an overview of the current opportunity to stay in Rome, focusing on the most cost effective solutions. On this page you will find information on residences, grouped in two sections: the services offered by the Department and other housing opportunities.


Here you can discover other opportunities to find accommodation in Rome.