The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business and Economics (L-33) is a new program, entirely taught in English jointly offered by the Department of Economics and Finance  and by the Department of Economics Law and Institutions.

The aim of the progam is to provide the necessary tools to address the complexity of the global economy. Our students will master the essential of business, economics, quantitative methods and law with an economic perspective. The BSc program provides professional training to students in an exciting environment where interaction between students and teachers is a key value and the student's needs a real priority. The international framework of the program is designed to make the students competitive and ready to apply to the best schools and the most challenging job opportunities all over the world.

The degree program involves three academic years (six terms totally). Students are required to gain a total of 180 credits from basic, core and elective courses (147 credits), computer literacy (6 credits), optional courses and other activities (18 credits) - including foreign languages, seminars, internships, etc. - and a final dissertation (9 credits).

See the official Course Structure.

There is the possibility, within the progam, to spend one semester abroad with the Erasmus program.

See  a list (or a map) of our partner Univerisities. 

For other information about Eramus program, go to our Eramus office.


Starting from September 2016, the application will be possible for a renewed bachelor course, Business Administration & Economics (see all the details at this link: http://economia.uniroma2.it/ba/business-administration-economics)


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