The Language Laboratory was established at the Faculty of Economics in 1995. It is a combination of a classic type of audio-active-comparative language laboratory and a library. This structure was created and designed to promote self-learning of Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and other languages. The Language Laboratory is used as a support for lectures held in the Faculty and also independently.
The material available in the Laboratory includes the most modern and effective foreign language teaching methods, consisting of: language courses on tape and CD-ROM, interactive listening materials, educational videotapes, films in original language, educational software, simplified reading books of various levels, dictionaries and more. There is also a good selection of magazines and newspapers in various languages, many books, role playing board games and other suitable material to stimulate verbal communication. Course material is available, classified by colour according to their level.

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Laboratorio linguistico




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Facoltà di Economia - Laboratorio linguistico

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Edificio A (didattica) - Secondo piano - aula S3

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