Teachers' news

Security evaluation after the Amatrice earthquake

Prof. Donato Abruzzese took part in a scientific and technical collaboration with the Italian "Protezione Civile" right after the Amatrice and Norcia earthquakes, performing security evaluations for 20 public buildings.
He also wrote the book "Bridge structure and hydraulics" which will soon be published by Elsevier, New York

BASEVI Giorgio
Teaching to prison inmates

Prof. Giorgio Basevi, after a long academic experience as teacher and researcher in internationaleconomic problems, in the last five years has turned his interest and resources in organizing and directing the Polo Universitario Penitenziario of the Emilia-Romagna Region. In line with other such initiatives fostered by the Ministry of Justice in other Italian Regions and with other universities, the Polo regroups in one regional jail the inmates that decide to take university courses while imprisoned. The University of Bologna provides such teaching services to students in different fields, that are detained in the Bologna prison, the main one of the Emilia- Romagna, where about 750 inmates live. The role of Professor Basevi is to act as Deputy Rector for the University of Bologna, and to organize the activities of professors and teaching assistants at various levels.

BINI Elisabetta
Publication on the Oil Shock Crisis

Prof. Elisabetta Bini, along with Federico Romero and Giuliano Garavini, has just finished editing her latest book: "Oil Shock: The Crisis of 1973 and its Economic Legacy" Londra, I.B. Tauris, 2016. The 1973 'Oil Shock' is considered a turning point in the history of the twentieth century. At the time it seemed to mark a definitive shift from the era of low priced oil to the era of expensive oil. For most Western industrialized countries, it became the symbolic marker of the end of an era. For many oil producers, it translated into an unprecedented control over their energy resources, and completed the process of decolonization, leading to a profound redefinition of international relations.This book provides an analysis of the crisis and its global political and economic impact. It features contributions from a range of perspectives and approaches, including political, economic, environmental, international and social history. The authors examine the origins of what was defined as an 'oil revolution' by the oil-producing countries, as well as the far-reaching effects of the 'shock' on the Cold War and decolonization, on international energy markets and the global economy. In doing so, they help place the event in its historical context as a key moment in the transformation of the international economy and of North-South relations.

BORGIA Fiammetta
Use of drones for peace missions

Prof. Fiammetta Borgia has recently finished two II Level Master courses at the "Istituto studi militari aeronautici a Firenze" respectively on international organizations, human rights and maintenance of peace and armed conflicts rights.
She is currently writing a paper on the use of drones (remotely controlled planes) for peace missions and against ISIS and against ISIS and she will cooperate with the Italian AirForce with different papers about armed conflicts rights (ciberwar, drones and humanitarian rights).

Essay on Obama using of veto power

Prof. Andrea Buratti has recently participated, during October 2016, to the Convention "The American Presidency after Barack Obama", held at the Bocconi University in Milan. In this Convention he presented an essay "Obama's use of veto and Signing Statements" which is going to be published in the Convention documents. He teaches in the prestigious environment of the Venice International University.

New paper on German Pandectistic school and Roman Law

Prof. Riccardo Cardilli has published a paper named: "Das römische Recht der Pandektistik und das römische Recht der Römer" (The Roman Law of the german School of Pandectistic and the Roman Law of the Romans)   edited by H.-P-Haferkamp –T. Repgen, Tübingen, 2017, Mohr Siebek , 83 ss.
The Paper aims to understand the role of Roman Law in the work of the German Legal School  called  Pandectistic,  in  the  construction  of  the  ‘General  Part’  of  the  german Private Law and the ideological roots of the interpretation of law used in this School.

Publication on trends and reforms in public policy and administration

Prof. Denita Cepiku, together with Thomas R. Klassen (York University, Canada) and T.J. Lah (Yonsei University, South Korea) took part in the writing of "The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Policy and Administration" published in 2016. This handbook examines current trends and reforms in public policy and administration, such as financial regulation, risk management, public health, e-government and many others at the local, national and international levels. The two themes of the book are that public policy and administration have acquired an important global aspect, and that a critical role for government is the regulation of capital.

Consultancy for seismic safety measures and restoration work

Prof. Claudia Conforti took part in the publication of the volume : "LA COSTRUZIONE DEGLI UFFIZI NASCITA DI UNA GALLERIA", Rome 2016, C.Conforti,F.Funis,  which gathers experiences of studies and inspections she made as a MIBACT consultant for seismic safety measures of the "Galleria Fiorentina", for which now she's taking care of the "Corridoio Vasariano" for restoration work.

COSTA Giulia
Paper on the assessment of the environmental behaviour of waste materials

Prof. Giulia Costa and co-authors from the Environmental Engineering research group have recently published a paper entitled Analysis and interpretation of the leaching behaviour of waste thermal treatment bottom ash by batch and column tests in Waste Management (Elsevier), one of the most important International Journals in this field. The paper investigates, on the basis of the results of different types of experimental tests, the behaviour of specific types of waste, i.e. residues termed bottom ash from thermal treatment of solid waste, in terms of their release of potential contaminants when in contact with water (leaching behaviour). The results of the tests were interpreted applying an integrated graphical and modelling approach aimed at identifying the main mechanisms governing the release of specific constituents (metals, metalloids and salts) from each type of analyzed residue. The final aim of this work was to gain insight on the information that can be provided by the applied tests, and hence on which ones may be more suitable to use for assessing the behaviour of these residues in the field, assuming for instance to recycle them in construction applications.

CURLI Barbara
Publication of the book: "Discourses and Counter-discourseson Europe: from the Enlightment to the EU"

Prof. Barbara Curli has recently published a book called: "Discourses and Counter-discourses on Europe. From the Enlightenment to the EU", edited by Manuela Ceretta and Barbara Curli, and published by Routledge 2017.
The book contributes to the ongoing process of "rethinking" the European project, identity, and institutions, brought about by the end of the Cold war and the current economic and political crisis. Starting from the principle that the present European crisis goes hand in hand with the crisis of its hegemonic discourse, the aim of the volume is to rescue the complexity, the richness, the ambiguity of the discourses on Europe as opposed to the present simplification. The multidisciplinary approach and the long-term perspective permits illuminating scope over multiple discourses, historical periods, and different "languages", including that of the European institutions.

Awarded with the advanced ERC grant for the research on "Common corre of European administrative laws"

Prof. Giacinto Della Cananea was awarded with the advanced ERC grant for the research on "Common core of European administrative laws". He also published a monography about "Due process of law" with Oxford University Press. He currently holds two positions:
- from October 2016 he is Vice-president of the "Consiglio di presidenza della Corte dei conti".
- from October 2016 he is part of the committee which grants the "Levi-Montalcini" scolarships.

Publication on the growth of European financial markets during the Italian Risorgimento

Prof. Daniela Felisini wrote the book "Alessandro Torlonia. The Pope’s Banker" published by Palgrave in 2016. This book provides a vivid biography of a towering Italian banker, pioneer and entrepreneur. It weaves the entrepreneurial ventures of Alessandro Torlonia (1800-1886) through the narratives of business and politics in the Nineteenth century, the growth of European financial markets and the decline of Papal power during the Italian Risorgimento. The discussion is founded in rigorous historical research using original sources such as the Archivum Secretum Vaticanum papers and other official documents; the archives of the Torlonia family, and of the Rothschild bank in Paris; memoirs; correspondences, and newspapers. Through this book readers learn that Alessandro Torlonia was a man of many faces, who was one of the most complex and influential characters of Italian economic life in the nineteenth century. Felisini also provides an expert critique of the financial history of the papacy: an area of heightened interest given the notoriety of relations between the Holy See and its bankers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Focal topics such as the history of European elites and the history of European financial markets will have an interdisciplinary appeal for scholars and researchers.

FIOCCO Gianluca
Important activist in the historial field

Prof. Gianluca Fiocco, in October 21, has participated to the VII Meeting of the "Società di Storia del Servizio Sociale" (Society of Social Service History) (SOSTOSS), held at the Historical Archives of the Lower House under the patronage of the Chamber of Deputies. The theme was: The parliamentary inquiry about poverty and of the means to fight it, 1952. He wrote a report, of historical framework investigation and its findings, which will be published in the volume that contains the proceedings of the meeting, which will be distributed by the "Viella" publishing house.

Secondly, he's part of the team led by prof. Silvio Pons with the University of Rome Tor Vergata as main unit of support, and with the participation of the University of Rome "Roma 3": the title of the project is as it follows: "L'incontro del comunismo riformatore e della Chiesa Cattolica con i diritti umani (1975-1991)" ("The reformatory communism and the Catholic Church towards human rights (1975-1991)")


FIORI Roberto
Paper on cultural influences on Roman Law

Prof. Roberto Fiori published the paper "Legal history, ancient and modern", University of Oxford, 2016, 29th September.
The paper deals with the possible cultural influences of the peoples of Ancient Italy on Roman Law after the Social War, and in general with the Roman idea of ius gentium.

Leader of multiple educational and formation programs

Lt. Gen. Giancotti  is now leading an innovative Change Management Program in the Air Education and Training Command, aimed to established  decentralized, networked and collaborative leadership processes among the over twenty units of its Command. He is also working on a new Knowledge System for the Italian Air Force, starting from basic education, up to operational training and academic research.

Expert in networking and the women's power

Paola Mascaro was nominated as a member of the Board of Directors of "Valore D.", in July 2016.
"Valore D." is the first association of firms promoting diversity, talent and women leadership for both firms and State growth.
She also took part to a formative Workshop with Laura Donnini "Una rete per crescere: cosa significa networking" (A net for growing: the meaning of networking) which took place 9-11 september 2016 at "Il Tempo delle Donne 2016, Triennale di Milano,  Salone d'Onore"

LANGER Marshall
Financial academician leads important initiatives

Marshall entered academia in 2001 after a 12-year business career, first in finance, then later in management and marketing.  Most significant positions held in investment banking at NY-based Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, risk arbitrage  at Paris-based Banque Paribas, management and marketing at utility NUI Corporation (NYSE). Of late, he consulted to UN World Food Programme's international finance managers on annual visit to Rome HQ.  At Germany-Based Aareal Bank Rome office he recently held financial analysis course for real estate credit analysts.

MUCCI Federica
UNESCO World Heritage Convention

Federica Mucci  took part to an international convention, based in Ravenna, Italy, in October 2016, named  "UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND ECONOMY  A LEGAL ANALYSIS" where she was part of the scientific committee and wrote a relation  on “Glocal Cultural Heritage: Living and Alive”. The International Conference here proposed, belonging to the series of international scientific events within the framework of "International Economic Law for Sustainable Development" (IEL 4 SD), aims to generate much heat in discussion and debate on the interaction between UNESCO World Heritage and education, and UNESCO World Heritage, economics and International Economic Law. The intention is to investigate how the UNESCO sites act as hotspots for promoting local development, and thus thinking on the way in which the UNESCO World Heritage can be used as an asset for economic and social development through education and tourism, as provided in all the UNESCO Conventions -requiring State Parties to promote by all appropriate means, and in particular by educational and information programmes, appreciation and respect by their peoples of the UNESCO World Heritage.

New chapter and research about women and gender history

Molly Tambor is Associate Professor of European history and the history of women and gender at Long Island University Post. She  recently wrote a chapter on women’s autobiography and the memory politics of the Italian Resistance to be published this summer by Rowman International in the volume <<The Concept of Resistance in Italy>>. She has also presented her new research on the Polizia Femminile and the phenomenon of women-only police corps in the 20th century to groups at the City University of New York and the Columbia University Seminar on Law and Politics.

PECCHI Lorenzo
New published book aiming at defending Europe

Lorenzo Pecchi has recently published a book called "Difendere l'Europa" (Defending Europe), together with Gustavo Piga and Andrea Truppo and edited by Guido Vitale. The book aims to the re-launching of Europe starting from the building of a common defense system. During the presentation of the book in Milan, at the " Società del Giardino", some important personalities of culture and society  took part to the discussion, such as Sergio Romano (Ambassador and editor for the italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera"), Cesare Romiti (president of the "Italia Cina" Foundation) and Mario Monti, former prime minister and today senator for life.