Keynote Speakers of ICABR 2019

Arnoud Boot, Keynote Speaker June 6, 2019

Arnoud Boot

Arnoud Boot is a Professor at the University of Amsterdam of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, Co-director of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics *ACLE), and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In his work Arnoud Boot focuses on the broad issue of ‘financialization of society’.


>>Arnoud Boot's Webpage


Steve Long FRS

Steve Long FRS holds the Stanley O. Ikenberry University Endowed Chair of Plant Biology and of Crop Sciences, at the University of Illinois. He is also the Distinguished Professor of Crop Sciences at Lancaster University, UK; and was the 2017/18 Newton Abraham Visiting Professor and Fellow of Lincoln College, at Oxford University, UK. His photosynthesis research spans from molecular and in silico design to field analysis of performance. This has been applied in increasing genetic crop yield potential and adaptation to global change. He has identified the most productive terrestrial plant so far known in the wild – the C4 perennial Echinochloa polystachya on the Amazon floodplain and also the most productive temperature plant – Miscanthus giganteus, which has now become a significant bioenergy crop. His mathematically guided engineering of photosynthesis led in November 2016 to a demonstrated on farm 20% increase in crop productivity. This breakthrough made the front page of the New York Times and was heralded as one of the 12 Scientific Moments of 2016.  This year his team also showed a single gene manipulation that increased in-field efficiency of crop water use by 25%.

In addition to his accomplishments, he is the current Director of the $57M of the international RIPE Project which has developed and is developing such technologies for increased photosynthetic efficiency in crops for sustainable yield increases. He also Directs the DOE ROGUE Project which is engineering energy canes, capable for high productivity on marginal lands, and which accumulate large quantities of vegetable oils as a low cost feedstock for biodiesel and jet-fuel manufacture. He is Founding and Chief Editor of “Global Change Biology”,  of GCB-Bioenergy, and of in silico Plants.


>>Link to Long Lab Illinois webpage
>>Steve's page on Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation 


Tom Reardon

Tom Reardon is a Professor at Michigan State University. He focuses on the modern revolution in agrifood systems (the Supermarket Revolution) and the Quiet Revolution (SMEs as a grass root revolution in food value chains) in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and their interactions with the inputs and small farm sectors upstream and consumption/nutrition downstream.  His Ph.D. is from UC Berkeley in 1984. He was a Rockefeller Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow with IFPRI posted to Burkina Faso with the University of Ouagadougou and ICRISAT 1984-1986, then Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, 1986-1991. He joined the tenure-stream faculty at MSU in 1992. Tom has spent 21 years in residence or long-term travel in Africa, Asia, and Latin America since taking his Ph.D. 34 years ago. Some highlights of those three decades include: (1) cited 28,374 times in Google Scholar with H of 79, putting him ranked 3 in the world in agricultural economics and 1 in value chains and number 1 in food policy.  (2)  elected in 2014 Fellow of the AAEA (259 selected from 30,000 members since 1957); (3) was the first ag/food economist personal invitee to the World Economic Forum Davos in 2009; (4) was on the front page of the New York Times in 2005; (5) was the first ag economist in China’s 1000 Talents Program, at Renmin University 2012-2014; (6) was author of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs flagship report in 2016 on urbanization and food system development; (7) is Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria 2019-2022; (8) is Technical Lead for the AGRA 2019 flagship publication (this time on private sector links with farm development in Africa).   


>>Link to Tom's Michigan State University webpage


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