We invite the submission of abstracts or panel proposals by January 20, 2019. Please use this link to submit a contribution before the deadline. We encourage submissions related to Regulation and Finance of Innovations for a Sustainable Bioeconomy. We have provided some possible topics below but are open to submissions which use innovative methodologies or focus on innovations or policies not listed here.


1.       Technological, informational and institutional innovations for a sustainable bioeconomy

a.       New gene-editing technologies in agriculture and medicine

b.       New farming Apps and geospatial technologies for precision agriculture

c.        Innovations in information and communication technologies that influence the adoption and demand for practices and products of the bioeconomy

d.       New sources of protein

e.        Innovations in supermarkets, agricultural processing and logistics

f.        The future of electricity and biofuel from biomass

g.        Private certification and labeling schemes for food and bio-based products


2.       Governance for a sustainable bioeconomy

a.       Political economy of bioeconomy policies and regulations

b.      Impact of barriers to trade and migration on innovation in the bioeconomy

c.       Regulation of new plant breeding technologies around the world

d.      Regulations on input industries and agricultural processing/retail

e.       Public sector research and public-private partnerships in agriculture

f.       Institutional and commercial constraints to bioeconomy development

g.      Role of foreign aid and international cooperation


3.       Financing the sustainable bioeconomy

a.       Regulations in financial markets and constraints for greening the economy

b.      Financing innovations in agricultural production and input/output value chains

c.       Contribution of venture capital to developing the bioeconomy

d.      Impact of mergers and acquisitions on financing the bioeconomy research and innovation

e.       Role of private finance in supporting foreign aid


Topics / Sub-topics for submitting abstracts

The Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The contribution of the bioeconomy to the SDGs 
  • Agriculture and rural development to meet the SDGs 
Agricultural and economic transformation
  • Agricultural and Rural Development 
  • Rural and Inclusive Transformation 
Technological innovations: Big data and breakthroughs in the biological sciences
  • New farming Apps and geospatial technologies for precision agriculture 
  • New gene-editing technologies in agriculture 
  • The future of electricity and biofuel from biomass 
  • Improving resource use efficiency: water and soils
  • Impacts on agriculture and agribusiness in developed and developing countries
  • Constraints to development and spread of technology 
Institutional innovations and inclusive value chain development
  •  Supermarkets, agricultural processing and logistics 
  •  Supply chain design, spread and adoption of innovation and their implications 
  •  Financing innovation in agricultural production and input/output value chains 
  •  Constraints to the development of input and food processing/retail value chains 
Government interventions in the agriculture and agribusiness sector
  •  Regulations on input industries and agricultural processing/retail 
  •  Public sector research by NARS and CGIAR 
  •  Public-Private partnerships in agriculture 
  •  Institutional and commercial constraints to agriculture development 
  •  Role of foreign aid and international cooperation 
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