We invite the submission of paper abstracts, organized sessions and lightening talk proposals by February 15, 2018. Please use this link to submit a contribution before the deadline. We encourage submissions related to any aspect of the Disruptive Innovations, Value Chains and Rural Development such as:

The Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • The contribution of the bioeconomy to the SDGs
  • Agriculture and rural development to meet the SDGs

Agricultural and economic transformation

  • Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Rural and Inclusive Transformation

Technological innovations: Big data and breakthroughs in the biological sciences

  • New farming Apps and geospatial technologies for precision agriculture
  • New gene-editing technologies in agriculture
  • The future of electricity and biofuel from biomass
  • Improving resource use efficiency: water and soils
  • Impacts on agriculture and agribusiness in developed and developing countries
  • Constraints to development and spread of technology

Institutional innovations and inclusive value chain development

  • Supermarkets, agricultural processing and logistics
  • Supply chain design, spread and adoption of innovation and their implications
  • Financing innovation in agricultural production and input/output value chains
  • Constraints to the development of input and food processing/retail value chains

Government interventions in the agriculture and agribusiness sector

  • Regulations on input industries and agricultural processing/retail
  • Public sector research by NARS and CGIAR
  • Public-Private partnerships in agriculture
  • Institutional and commercial constraints to agriculture development
  • Role of foreign aid and international cooperation


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