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Regolamento esame

Only students booked through the Delphi system can perform the exam.


Exam rules

The exam is differentiated between “attending students” and “non-attending students”.

Attending students are those students who:

1. deliver at least 6 group assignments (counting both in-class and extra-lecture assignments)
2. are present, at least, for 12 out of 17 lectures (February 23th does not count)

For attending students, the exam is only written (i.e., to be performed on Google Form), while non-attending students must perform both the written and oral exam. The written test, that is the same for both categories of students, is based on:

- 2 open-ended questions: 7.5 points maximum for each according to the comprhensiveness of the answer.

- 15 closed-ended questions: 1 point for each if you correctly respond, 0 if you do not respond, -0.25 if you give a wrong answer.

If a student’s written test is evaluated as “not sufficient” (e.g., in the first call of the summer session), the student is not allowed to repeat the test in the same exam session (e.g., in the second call of the Summer session).

When receiving the test in any given call, the student has the initial 10 minutes to withdraw; in this case, the test is considered as “not performed”.

For “attending students” the final mark is given by the sum of the written test mark and group assignments' extra-marks collected over the course.

For “non-attending students” the final mark is given by the written test mark +(if the test is sufficient) the oral evaluation + group assignments' extra-marks collected over the course.

In-class and extra-class assignments:

  • During each lecture, more or less, will be assigned a group task + a group task will preced each guest speaker lecture
  • Extrapoints are assigned only if 6 group assignments (summing up in-class and extra-class ones) are delivered and you were present during lectures
  • Grading: from 2 to 4 extrapoints in total