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Regolamento esame

a.y. 2022/23

1) The exam is written and is based on 3 open-ended questions (1 hour and 30 minutes to be completed). It is based on all the class materials (book, articles, and slides uploaded on the website). The oral performance is not compulsory; however, during the registration date for the evaluation received in the written test, students will have the opportunity to revise their evaluation (+2 points or -2 points) through 1 oral question also.

2) Students who result not sufficient with their evaluation, needs to "jump" a call. Instead, students who want to refuse a positive evaluation received, can choose to perform the exam again in any other given "call" at their discretion. Relatedly, when receiving the written test, students have the first 10 minutes to retire. If they do so, their test will be considered as not performed.

3)  On the premise above, students will also have the possibility to improve their final evaluation through class commitment and energy in the various learning experiences and challenges launched and practiced during the course.  For example: 

up to 2 additional extra-points can be added through performing the McGraw-Hill Practice Operations simulation software at the end of the course. These extra-points can be added only to the final evaluation. They remain valid for all the a.y. 2022/23. Additional information and explanations about the software will be given during the lectures.

4) Only students booked through the Delphi system can perform the exam.

5) The evaluation received in any written test can be explained in every office hours immediately following the test.