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Regolamento esame

1) In principle, the exam is both written and oral. The written test is composed of a “4 Open-ended question” test (2 hours). Only students who perform the pre-exam can accept the written evaluation without performing the oral session. On this premise, students will also have the possibility to improve their final evaluation (with up to 2 additional extra-points) through performing the McGraw-Hill Practice Operations simulation software during the course.

2) Only students booked through the Delphi system can perform the exam.

3) If a student’s written test is evaluated as not sufficient, the student is not allowed to repeat the test in the same exam session. When receiving the test in any given call, the student has the initial 10 minutes to retire; in this case, the test is intended as not performed, thus the student can try the test again in the same session.

4) Students can retire only once per session.

5) Students can receive insights about their written evaluation during the first office hours immediately available after the test’s date.