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Theses' Request Rules

1) Theses on these subject can be requested only after the exam has been completed and when about 3 exams are left.

2) In principle, each thesis is composed of 1 chapter (about 30 pages). One-third of the thesis is mainly theoretical and needs to focus on one of the course's topics. Two-thirds of the thesis are practice-oriented and need to apply the theoretical background to a real-world analysis. 

3) Any thesis proposal matching the course topics will be more than welcome! Data about past thesis projects below.


Theses Completed 

(per alphabetical order of graduates' surname)

N Name Surname Thesis Title
1 Mohammad Junaid Ali Leadership: Case of Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon
2 Ilia Azizi The Role of Organizational Secrecy in High-Tech Firms: Evidence from the Practice of Business
3 Giacomo Badino ESG Criteria and Sustainable Management: Theory and Practice
4 Fabio Ballasina The City of Freiburg: A Shining Model of Urban Sustainable Planning
5 Elisa Ballini Decision Making and Project Management: Exploring the Impact of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution"
6 Ginevra Bertuzzi Managerial Planning under Uncertainty: Evidence from the American National Basketball Association
7 Olimpia Buonopane Circular Economy: The Key to Sustainability and Innovation
8 Francesco Capobianco Emotional Leadership: Evidence from Ennio Doris
9 Roberta Carrozza Overcoming Bounded Rationality through Learning: The Case of General Electric
10 Giovanna Cecchetti Liability of Newness and Entrepreneurial Survival: An Analysis of the European Unicorns
11 Claudia Cesarini The Upper Echelons Theory, The Effects of Executives’ Gender Diversity on Corporate Performance: The Case of Kering
12 Lorenzo Chechi Decision Making and De-Biasing Methods: Evidence from the Motion Picture Industry
13 Maxim Cicchetti Overcoming the Liability of Newness through Pivoting: Theory and Practice
14 Maria Chiara Di Luzio Cultural and Gender Differences in Transformational Leadership
15 Stefano Erario Diversity Management: Evidence from Pirelli
16 Enrico Maria Follega Start-ups, COVID '19 and the Liability of Newness: Theory and Practice
17 Daniel Forti The Planning Process of Mega-Events: Evidence From the 2012 London Olympic Games
18 Filippo Forti How Do Firms Export? Evidence from the Frascati Wine Industry
19 Pier Luigi Giardino  Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: Towards a Game Theory Approach
20 Mercedes Heeb Opportunities and Threats of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Timberland Case
21 Gabriele Lucente Overcoming the Liability of Newness: The Unicorn Case of Stripe
22 Valeria Morone The Influence Of The Working Culture On Japanese Productivity
23 Lorenzo Moscatelli How Can SMEs Strategically Tackle E-commerce Giants? The Case of Le Mani Sanno
24 Valentina Niutta Complex Adaptive Systems in Turbulent Environments: Theory and Practice
25 Virginia Orrù The Influence of Personality Traits on CEOs’ Strategic Decision Making Processes. Evidence from the Automotive Industry
26 Giovanni Pagnoni Hypercompetitive Leadership: A Focus on Enron and Uber
27 Flavio Panci Sustainable Value Chain Management: Theory and Practice
28 Victoria  Pezzoli The Internet of Things and New Business Models: The Impact of Smart Homes
29 Lorenzo Rosati The Impact of COVID-19 on Work: The Case of Cisco's "No Return Office" Policy
30 Roberta Sangermano The Role of Culture in General Management: A Cross Country Comparison
31 Eleonora Tromba Taylorism in the Workplace: Evidence from the Practice of Business
32 Domiziana Tucci The Natural Selection and Liability of Newess of Start-ups: Evidence from the Music Industry
33 Giulia Venuti Firms' Environmental Performance and COVID '19: Theory and Practice
34 Matteo Viola The Art of Leading people: Insights from Jack Ma and Sergio Marchionne
35 Mihaela Vitelaru Corporate failure and Turnaround Management: The Case Study of Harley Davidson
36 Luca Zeno E-business Models and Value Systems in the Sharing Economy: The Case of Airbnb