Regolamento esame


The final evaluation is based on a closed-book written exam, covering the entire course’s program. It includes open questions, multiple choices questions, and exercises aimed at evaluating the knowledge and understanding of the theoretical notions illustrated during the course. Part of the exam focuses on the computation and interpretation of the coefficients and the diagnostics of linear regression models, aimed at evaluating the ability of students of applying the knowledge acquired in the course.


Other rules

• Students must book for the exam.
• The exam can be taken only once per session.
• Final marks are published on the dedicated web page (normally within one week after the exam) and are uploaded on the Delphi system so to be individually received by email by candidates.
• Midterm written exams will be held during the weeks scheduled for the intermediate tests. If the first midterm exam is passed, and the candidate accepts the mark, the candidate can also take the second mid term, that will be held before Christmas break, and will concern the topics covered in the second part of the course only.The final evaluation will be the average of the two marks obtained in the midterm and in the final exam, with weights equal to 50% and 50% respectively.
• Students who are not satisfied with the mark of one or both the midterm exams can resit and take the full exam in the regular exam sessions.
• Please notice that no part of the program will be waived if the final exam is taken during regular exam sessions, even if one or both midterm exams are passed. This means that if you take your final exam in January/February or June/July or September you will have to take the full exam, even if you got a sufficient mark in one or both the midterm exams.