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ENGLISH TOLC-E has started!

You can already take the ENGLISH TOLC-E and then apply to our Bsc. 

Here are all the steps you will need to follow to take a TOLC:

1. check the TOLC calendar for the TOLC dates you are interested in; you can enroll in those with "POSTI DISPONIBILI".
If there are still no available dates on the TOLC calendar, seats are sold out or enrollment is closed, you can take the TOLC at a different university. In fact, the TOLC can be taken at any university and you can use a single TOLC score for all degree programs that require it (see the tutorial).

2. check the calendar for the mode in which you will take the TOLC:

    • TOLC@HOME: you will take it in your home
    • TOLC at the university: you will take it in the university classrooms

3. register to the reserved area CISIA test from which you can book the TOLC:

4. While making your reservation, you will need to read and accept the TOLC Participants 2022 Regulations.

5. To find out what you will need to do on the day of the TOLC:

You can take the ENGLISH TOLC-E once per month, whether you take it at home or in university classrooms, and each time you take it, you must pay a contribution of 30 euros.

If you have taken a TOLC in TOLC@CASA mode your result will be available after 48 hours from the date of the test, if you have taken it at the university it will be available immediately; you will find the result in your reserved test area, in the booking management. The universities will trace your score through your fiscal code.

Candidates will be suitable for the admission with an ENGLISH TOLC-E score equal or higher than 10 out of 36.

When we will publish the Call for application, you will know our admission procedures and deadlines.