Updated A.Y. 2015-2016

The main objective of Module I (Business entities) is to introduce in the field of business giving an easy and complete framework in order to understand the life condition and the existence manifestations of all types of economic entities (for profit and non-for-profit), even if the main focus will be on the for-profit economic entities (the so called business entities).

In particular these are the objectives of module I:

  • Familiarize with the language of business;
  • Understand why business organizations exist, what is their role in society, what are their responsibilities and for whom, how and in what time they should create value;
  • Discuss the differences between a small business (e.g. a small family firm) and a big business conducted by multinational corporations all around the world (e.g. Apple, Coca Cola, Facebook, Google);
  • Give the elements to start and conduct a successful business;
  • Give a framework for the other courses on business.

In order to reach the objectives of the Module I, these teaching notes are articulated into the following five chapters:

Part I. Economic problem, economic activity and organizations;
Part II. Activity and forms of business entities;
Part III. Ownership, control and direction;
Part IV. Organizational structure;
Part V. Strategies.