Updated A.Y. 2017-2018

Program of french language (3 ECTS) a.a. 2017/2018

Program of the course The course aims to put students in a position to be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases to meet the concrete type. The student will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (eg. Personal information and basic family, local geography, employment ...). It will be able to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple exchange of information on familiar and common topics. The student will know how to describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment, will demonstrate immediate needs. He can introduce him / herself and others and is able to ask questions about personal details and answer similar questions (the place where she lives, people he knows, things that owns). It can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help. (A1 level of the European framework).

This objective will be pursued through the study of language with its acquisition of morphosyntactic structures and the sound engineer training, the use of texts and situational dialogues at graded levels of difficulty. The course will make use of a method that gives priority to a oriented approach of the common professional world situations. The themes are suitable to work as integrated into a new working environment, carry out administrative formalities and carry out the first tasks in various jobs.

Students will also be able to relate to the many contributors. · Skills. 1. Getting in touch: Reach out to someone, fill out a form, start out simple procedures to obtain a document. Introduce yourself and present someone Greet and respond to greetings Asking and giving information on personal data, profession, place of work, address Ask and indicate the subject of a visit To spell Giving its agreement so simple

2. Knowledge: Bringing a person to get something or to chat, get acquainted, talk about, of its activities, the time. Bringing a person, ask and give something To thank Saying his profession precisely Asking and giving clarifications on the family situation Ask / Say age Count to 59 Enter the customs / the frequency of action Expressing your tastes Describe the sensations Describing the weather Expressing wish

3. Communicating Online: have a simple telephone conversation, leave a simple message on an answering machine, write a simple email or a text message. Use the typical formulas of calls Count to 99 Making proposals Use polite expressions Giving instructions invite someone Expressing obligation The grammar The verb être The verb s'appeler The indefinite article a / une / des The masculine and feminine names and adjectives The verb aller The questions adjectives that / those The possessive adjectives mon / ma / mes / votre / vos The prepositions à / dans / chez The prepositions en, à (au, aux) Verbs in -ER The avoir and faire Verbs The negative The definite articles le / la / les Possessive adjectives The pronouns tonics The prepositions chez, dans, pour The personal pronouns you and vous The expression of the case: parce que The preposition à indicating the places and people The time indicators The verbs pouvoir and devoir Verbs in -DRE and IR The closed interrogation: est-ce que ·

Final exam . The final exam is as follows: 1. Try reading comprehension: answer some comprehension questions about written document some of the situations in the professional field. (A1 level)

2. Proof of written expression: drawing up mail or short messages to describe an event or the professional experience and writing to propose, ask, inform, report ....

3. collective listening comprehension test: listening to an oral document (Document 3 or 4) short of the typical situations of professional life. After three plays, the student must reply in writing to a series of closed and open questions. Maximum Time: 45 minutes The use of vocabulary is not allowed ·

TEXTBOOKS: OBJECTIF EXPRESS 1 (Nouvelle Edition) Le monde professionnel en français A1 / A2 Publisher: Hachette (+ student's book of business notebook)