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Exams Rules

Exams and Pre-exams

At the end of each module (36 hours) students will have the option to do a pre-exam (written, oral or both; the choice is up to the professor). The student who skips or does not pass the pre-exam, can take the exam in one of the following sessions:

    January - February (winter session)
    June - July (summer session)
    September (autumn session)


If the student passes the pre-exam he/she:

  • Can do the oral exam (if provided for by the course syllabus)
  • MUST register the mark in one of the above-mentioned sessions. The mark will remain valid for the whole Academic Year. At the end of the Autumn Session (September) of each year, students will lose the possibility to register their pre-exam marks.

Exam Marks

Exams are marked out of thirty:

  • exams that are awarded a mark between 0 and 17 out of 30 are considered to have been failed and must therefore be repeated;
  • a mark between 18 and 30 out of 30 allows students to obtain the credit points provided for by the programme structure.
  • Examination Board may award "lode" (cum laude) to students who achieve thirty out of thirty (30/30).

The results of written exams are available on the online notice board of the School of Economics (bacheca online) or as otherwise specified by the professor.

Exams can only be taken after the course has ended, respecting the course structure provided by the Programme Office on the website of the course

Exams Registration

Marks are considered valid only after their registration.

Students will have to book their call, selecting it on the Delphi system and be present on the day of the call chosen to let the professor sign his/her booklet (libretto) in order to register their mark. After having registred the mark, the student will receive an e-mail confirming details of the exam (date, subject, mark). He/she has to confirm them the mark as explained in the email.

If the student book a call and reject the mark or do not come to University on the registration day, the system will sign him/her as ABSENT. If there is any mistake occured during the registration the student will read it in the mentioned e-mail; in this case please follow the instructions to point out the error.

Please remember that you must book your call until the 5th day before the exam date; after that the Delphi system will not allow you to proceed your booking.

TUTORIAL: How to Book an Exam
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