The CLICI – Center for Italian Language and Culture of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - promotes the diffusion of Italian language and culture through cultural and educational initiatives (conferences, congresses, courses, etc.) and offers Courses in Italian language and culture both to Tor Vergata students and to foreigners from all over the world.

The CLICI is based at Scuola IaD - Distance Education School - and is directed by L. Rino Caputo, professor of Italian Literature, former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

CLICI organizes extensive and intensive Italian language courses throughout the academic year and also provides courses for international projects. The Centre is also responsible for the training of teachers in synergy with the postgraduate specialization course "Insegnare Lingua e Cultura Italiana a Stranieri – LCS” (Teaching Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners), organized by Scuola IaD.

The objective of CLICI is to meet the demand in the field of Italian language and culture at all levels and for different types of learners. Given the growing demand for courses in Italian language and culture to foreign students, but also, especially on the part of schools, for vocational training courses for the teaching of Italian as a second and foreign language, CLICI’s courses aim to respond to the educational needs that society and the world of work already manifest. Finally, it is possible to design special courses at the request of public or private institutions or companies, to meet specific learning needs.

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