Tor Vergata University has just entered into the Venice International University network.

This prestigious outcome allows us to expand even further our offer for international studies to our students within the undergraduate and graduate courses (laurea triennale, laurea magistrale and laurea a ciclo unico), allowing them to complete their curricular track in Rome with a residential international experience in Venice.

Students will be able to study for one semester - with classmates coming from 14 other prestigious Universities of the world -interdisciplinary issues touched by globalization (to learn more about Venice International University Globalization Program go to:

While access to VIU is free of charge for admitted Tor Vergata students, living expenses (room and board) are not. Deserving students will however receive scholarships for their 15 weeks stay in Venice from Tor Vergata University.

Deserving students will however receive scholarships for their 15 weeks stay in Venice from Tor Vergata University.

Tor Vergata will select 20 students for this coming Fall semester.

Before selection, interested students will need to pre-register at VIU.
This 29th of April Venice International University  (into which Tor Vergata has just entered) will open its 2016 Fall semester pre-registration.
Further information on pre-registration and registration for courses is available on the VIU website at:
The link to the registration form will be available at  once pre-registration has opened.
Interested Tor Vergata students in their last year of a Bachelor degree (laurea triennale), a Master of Science (laurea magistrale) or a one-cycle degree (laurea a ciclo unico) should consult with their Course Coordinator (Coordinatore del Corso di Laurea) to verify if they are eligible to take exams in the Fall Semester 2016 at VIU that will be recognized with valid credits for their laurea degree.
In the case of a positive authorization, students should pre-register via the VIU website by May 29, 2016 in order to be eligible for the Fall 2016 semester.
VIU will then proceed to communicate the names of the applicants to an appointed Tor Vergata Committee, which will interview candidates to test their English knowledge and their proposed studying activity in VIU.
Once Venice International University has received the list of approved students from Tor Vergata, the log in and password will be provided to each admitted student to register for courses at VIU.
Registration for courses will open on July 5th.
For more information please contact Prof. Gustavo Piga at