Dual Degree Programme with the National Research University of St. Petersburg - Higher School of Economics

Starting from 2018, Global Governance students have the unique opportunity to take part to the Dual Degree Programme with the Bachelor in 'Political Science and World Politics' of the Higher School of Economics, National Research University of St. Petersburg. Visit the website of our University partner: https://spb.hse.ru/en/ba/political
The programme is a very special chance for students interested in broadening their knowledge in world politics, deepening their knowledge of Russian institutions and culture, and getting prepared for careers in government and policymaking, international business and non-governmental organizations. Upon graduation, they will receive diplomas from both institutions.
The programme’s curriculum includes: Russian language, political science, public policy studies, international relations and project management, combining theoretical knowledge with real-life approaches to political issues focusing on two ‘geopolitical’ tracks: (i) Northern Europe in the European Union; (ii) BRICS and Russian Studies.
Application is open to all GG second year students who are willing to spend their third year at HSE.
Deadlines and procedures are announced annually in the Spring by the Secretariat.