Lucia Annunziata

Huffington Post Italy’s editor-in-chief

Lucia Annunziata is Huffington Post Italy’s editor-in-chief . The Huffington Post  Italian edition has been launched September 25, 2012.

Former Chairwoman of Rai ( Radio Televisione Italiana),  the Italian Public Television, she hosts , on Rai, “In Mezz’ora” , a weekly Sunday show about national and international politics.

She has been editor-in-chief editor of TG3, the third largest Italian newscast and editor-in-chief of Ap.Biscom, the Italian branch of the Associated Press.

She has worked as foreign correspondent for the Italian newspapers La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa , covering over the years Central and Latin America, Middle East, the Balkans,  and the United States. She is a member of the Executive Commettee of Aspen Institute Italy and editor-in-chief ( legally responsible) of the Institute’s magazine Aspenia.

Lucia Annunziara is recipient of Harvard University  Nieman Fellowship. She is author of the following books: “1977 – L’ultimo foto di famiglia” (2007); “La Sinistra, l’America, la guerra” (2005); “No” (2002), against the war in Iraq; “La Crepa” (1998); “Bassa Intensità” (1982); and “Lavorare stanca” (1977).

She has received many awards: Il Premiolino for her correspondence during the war in Iraq; the Max David for her career as a war correspondent; the Malaparte Prize for her book “Bassa Intensità”; and the Saint Vincent Prize for “La Crepa”.