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The three-year B.A. in Global Governance is characterized by flexibility and interdisciplinarity and gives to the students the opportunity to achieve self-awareness of their own talents and capabilities, thanks to a constant feedback with Professors and advisors.

The selection of elective exams during the third year, as well as the choice of the final dissertation and the training stages, will familiarize students with subjects of their own interest, with a view to better build their future programs.

At the end of this B.A. in Global Governance students can decide to continue university studies and/or enter the labor market.

Students interested in continuing university studies will be able to access various Italian I Level Masters or Master’s Degree programs, in Italy ("Laurea Magistrale") and abroad. Indeed, this L-16 Bachelor’s of Arts Degree offers different paths to continue academic studies as it is recognized by all European university systems; also thanks to its educational offer, which is wide and interdisciplinary. Since the first year, and for the whole length of the B.A., we organize meetings among our students and professors of ours and other Universities in order to present Masters which may constitute good solutions for the continuation of our students' studies.

Without any presumption to make an exhaustive list of M. Sc. and Ph. D. where our typical student may find entrance into, we here list some of these academic career paths: International/Humanitarian Law,  Economics, International Relations, Media and Communication, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Business, Political Sciences, Management Engineering, Social Health and Cooperation and Development.

Students who instead decide to enter the labor market after the program, will be able to participate in different public competitions in Italy (among those which don’t require a Master’s Degree) and abroad. Furthermore, students will be supported in their relations with Economic, Institutional and International Organizations, as well as Media and Political Organizations, through postgraduate training stages.

Again without any presumption to make an exhaustive list, our typical Global Governance student may apply and generate interest in international and local NGOs, multinationals and national firms interested in creative thinking, supranational organizations and policy-making bodies. Some of the fields open after obtaining our degree are: International Relations,  Culture, Media, Communication, Consulting, Security, Politics, Business, Development, Regulation.

We accompany step by step our students towards this choice: starting from the second year, students are invited to participate in Post Graduate orientation meetings and days of educational and job counseling with Managers of important companies and Directors of courses of study. These meetings are organized by the specialized structures we have identified as partners of the Global Governance project.

This counseling service allows them to:

  • Find the most suitable post-graduate path for anyone, on the base of one’s vocation and attitude;

  • Choose between keeping on studying or entering the job market;

  • Choose Masters and PhDs in Italy and abroad;

  • Become acquainted with the requirements of Universities abroad, such as modalities and schedule to apply and its cost;

  • Meeting and discussing with people who chose to live, study or work abroad, with an education similar to one of our students;

  • Orient oneself among the several post-graduate internships in agencies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations in order to access more easily the labor market.