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Di Maio Giulia


Hi everyone! I am Giulia Di Maio I am 19. I was  born and raised in Rome and I attended classical studies at Liceo Classico Marco Tullio Cicerone in Frascati. Since I was a child I had the fortune to play in a volleyball team, and this activity allowed  me to relate with some people and especially, made me think of what the word “ team work” means.
If I could choose 3 adjectives to describe myself I would certainly say: creative, curious and determined, maybe curiosity is what brings me here, to Global Governance. I was lucky enough to study abroad as an exchange student, in order to deepen my English knowledge. It was a very significant experience, since all that period allowed me to meet different people coming from all over the world to discuss current issues and share cultures. I believe that every new experience changes our perception of the world and let us observe it from a different perspective. Having friends in Argentina or China has opened up even more my way of thinking, making me live ideally every day in a different place and making me soak in a culture that sometimes turns out to be totally different from ours.
I’m really passionate about history, politics, global changes and the latest events. The dangerous challenges the EU is facing led me to reflect on the role that I want to have in this scenario: working as an international representative in a no-profit organization. That is why I think that Global Governance is  the best choice to begin my path and I’m really looking forward to starting this new adventure!