Alessandra Chiricosta

Roma Tre University

Alessandra Chiricosta is philosopher and trainer on intercultural methodologies and theories, applied to different fields (gender issues, politics, education, religions); historian of religions, with an anthropological approach, specialized in continental South East Asian cultures and Ethnic Minorities issues; activist in women's policies and expert in gender studies, post colonial and colonial feminisms, transnational feminist movements, with particular attention on issues related to gender based violence, women's self defense theories and practices. She worked as a Consultant in Gender Issues for several International Organizations and NGO's (Oxfam, Ucodep, MCNV, UN Commission on Human Rights). She taught diverse disciplines at a Graduate and Post Graduate level in the University of Ha Noi (Vietnam), University of Rome "La Sapienza", University of "Roma Tre", University of Tor Vergata, Urbaniana University. She is member of the editorial board of IaPh-Italia, (the International Organization of Women Philosophers) and Coordinator of the section on Intercultural and Transnational Feminisms in the Master Course on Equal Opportunities and Gender Policies, Roma Tre University. Instructor of Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Muay Thai, Gong Fu Wu Shu), she run courses of women empowerment based on a theoretical and practical approach.