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Senn Josef Fidelis

University of Konstanz (D), former CEO of Volkswagen Argentina

Josef Fidelis Senn got his education in administration science at University of Konstanz (D) and in economics at Hochschule St. Gallen (CH). He got his Doctorate in management science: “Ecology oriented Management” (1986) at University of Konstanz.
He started his professional career inside the German Steel industry, and reached the position as  Managing Director of Steel Employers Association (Düsseldorf, Germany). Joining  the Volkswagen Group in 1998 he worked in different Top Executive positions, i.e. as Head of Central Human Resource Department (Wolfsburg, Germany,) where he served as “Chief negotiator” with the trade unions . He implemented several  HR Innovations, i.e. time asset bonds and the project “5000x5000”. He became member of the Executive Board and CHRO of VW do Brasil (Sao Paulo, Brazil), including the responsibility for sustainability. Finally he managed as President and CEO of Volkswagen Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina) the subsidiary of the multinational group.
Since 2016 Senn is lecturer at the Faculty of Politics, Law, and Economics, University of Konstanz  teaching “The Management of Multinational Companies” and “Applying Business Strategies”. As well he teaches Business Strategies at the University Tor Vergata, Roma.
Senn is member of several steering and supervisory committees.