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Ergin Erdem

Expert of disaster and risk management

Turgut Erdem Ergin is a disaster risk management and climate change resilience specialist. He currently works with UNDP Turkey, is an adjunct professor at the University of Rome and coordinates the “Critical Infrastructure Resilience” summer school at the Venice International University. He has over 20 years of experience in working with businesses, city governments, associations and national & international organizations on both risk management and disaster management. His focus is on systemic shocks and making cities and businesses more resilient to the evolving risk profile. His most recent work includes risk assessments on critical infrastructure (port, power plants, etc.), food chains and organized industrial zones. He has also been mobilized as an expert for assessing damage and needs after large disasters in various countries. He lived and worked in the US, in the Caribbean and in West Africa with the World Bank and UNDP. He holds a BSc degree in chemical engineering, M.Sc. in engineering management with major on crisis, disaster and risk management and M.DeS. in urban studies with major on risk and resilience for cities. He is also a certified search and rescue technician and first aid trainer.