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Ergin Erdem

Expert of disaster and risk management

Erdem Ergin is a disaster risk management specialist with 20 years of professional experience in various countries. He is currently resilience advisor for UNDP Turkey, a consultant with the World Bank & firms and teaches at University of Rome Tor Vergata. His focus is on critical infrastructure resilience, business continuity, urban and system resilience solutions. His work combines system theory (the root of resilience) with design thinking. Some of his most recent work include: climate change impact analysis for thermal power plants, critical infrastructure risk assessment (energy and transport), lifeline utility business continuity planning, key agricultural product risk assessment, urban climate change adaptation plans, post disaster need assessment in the Balkans (2014) and Niger (2016), summer course on critical infrastructure at the Venice International University. Prior to this work he has extensive field experience in early warning systems, preparedness and response operations including trainings and simulation exercises. He holds an M.Sc. on System Engineering from George Washington University and a M.Des. on Risk and Resilience from the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University.