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Rome Workshop on Econometrics: Frontiers in Casual Inference

We are glad to announce the forthcoming Rome Workshop on Econometrics: Frontiers in Casual Inference jointly organized by EIEF, Harvard University, La Sapienza University, and Tor Vergata University .

The conference will be held at EIEF, in via Sallustiana, on Saturday September 21st through Sunday September 22nd, 2024 and has an outstanding  international profile. The confirmed speakers for the regular sessions are affiliated to U.S. and EU schools. There will also be a poster session featuring junior researchers and PhD students from Italian universities, including some from our PhD program in Economics and Finance.

Guido Imbens (Stanford) will give a keynote speech. Imbens is the current editor of Econometrica and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2021 along with David Card (UC Berkeley) and Joshua Angrist (MIT).

The organizers are Alessandro Casini (Tor Vergata), Giuseppe Ragusa (Sapienza), Massimo Sbracia (EIEF) and Davide Viviano (Harvard). The program will soon be available on this webpage.