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Leonardo Finmeccanica Sales Management Case at Tor Vergata

Stefano Bortoli, SVP Sales and Strategic Sourcing of Leonardo Helicopters(Finmeccanica), will be a guest of Prof. Simonetta Pattuglia course for a lesson on Sales Management at Leonardo Helicopters.
leonardo finmeccanica sales and mangement case

Sales Management in Leonardo Finmeccanica Helicopters

Leonardo-Finmeccanica is an Italian multinational aerospace, defence and security company headquartered in Rome in Italy and with operations worldwide. It is the ninth-largest defence contractor in the world based on applicable 2014 revenues.

Stefano Bortoli, Senior Vice president Sales and Strategic Sourcing Leonardo Finmeccanica Helicopters will guest lecture students of Tor Vergata Business Administration for a case study on the industry and the Sales approach. The lesson is part of Prof. Pattuglia's Sales Management course.

About the lesson

The helicopter industry is a supply driven market with only few players. Civil and military customers approach the market with behaviour patterns that are typical for different segments of buyers. The procurement process for military and parapublic acquisitions is characterized by tenders and their usual lengthy stages.

Government to Government agreements: the US strategy for military exports. Offset plans, technology transfers, production under licence as part of sale proposals. Regulations on exports of US technology and military systems or components.
VIP buying attitude, an impulse type of choice blended into technology and brand. Emergency Medical Services, Oil & Gas, Utility operators: who they are and how they approach procurement. The role of regulators and safety Boards in these markets.

Marketing and Sales Engineers as a key supporting tool for sales.

Sales Management Course

The Sales Management Course aims to outline the importance of selling and sales management, a vital aspect of marketing that in the past few years have been somewhat neglected. The disruptive use of new media (internet – mobile platform – social media – e-commerce channels) has put sales and selling again in a focal stage. All these management processes will be explained and documented from the theoretical and practical viewpoints.

The Course covers five main aspects: Sales Perspectives, Sales Environment, Sales Technique, Sales Management and Sales Control:

  1. Sales Perspective: The historical role of sales and selling management, its place in the marketing and in a marketing organization, types and image of selling and the buyers: their thinking and their organization of selling and sales strategies;
  2. Sales Environment: The institutions that make sales: channels, industrial & commercial ones, public authority, selling for resale, sales settings;
  3. Sales Technique: The practical and covers preparation for selling, personal selling skills and process , Key account management, relationship selling, direct marketing, internet and IT applications in selling and sales management;
  4. Sales Management: recruitment, selection, motivation, training, organization & compensation of salespeople;
  5. Sales Control: budgets & business planning, sales forecasting, saleforces evaluation.

Other important issues include:
• coverage of strategic selling and partnering;
• discussion on ethical issues in selling;
• coverage of the management of sales channels (multichannel organization);
• the role of social media in selling;
• lead generation.


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