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MYllennium Award 2017

Myllennium Award 2017 is a contest which aims to involve under-30 students and their projects in Startup, non-fiction sections, Investigative reporting, New job opportunities and Architecture.

What is the Raffaele Barletta Prize?

The MYllennium Award 2017 - Prize Raffaele Barletta is a contest which targets under-30 students and their projects in Startups,  non-fiction literature, Investigative reporting, New job opportunities and Architecture.

This third edition of the award sponsored by the Barletta Group SpA, and dedicated to Raffaele Barletta founder of the group, focuses on the Generation Y, the so-called "Millennials": young people born between the eighties and early 2000. An unconventional prize which aims to enhance the excellence in terms of creativity and innovation with concrete contributions: cash prizes, jobs, publications.

The road-map presentation, will run through meetings held at leading universities and schools in Italy, with the institutional purpose of developing interconnections between culture and research in the scientific and humanistic areas, as well as identifying talented young people and nurture their growth.

This edition of the MYlleniums Award - Raffaele Barletta Prize is divided in 6 sections, each rewarding a prize: My Book, My Startup, My Reportage, My Job, My Frame and My City. Each section offer cash prizes, publications and professional and educational opportunities.

How to Apply

Applications for the MyBook sections, MyReportage, MyJob, MyFrame and MyStartup may be sent through the site www.myllenniumaward.org by 30 April 2017.


This edition of the MYlleniums Award - Raffaele Barletta Prize is divided in 6 sections, each rewarding a prize:

My Book, awards nine essays on the following subjects:

  • "Fintech vs the traditional banking system: if Google opened a bank how would the traditionl banking systems react?"
  • "World Overpopulation: will there be enough water and food for all in the next 20 years? "
  • " Old and new economies: what if a Millennial wanted to found an ironwork?;


Alessandro Politi, a strategic analyst and director of NATO Defense College Foundation.
Alberto Mattiacci, Professor of Economics and Company Management Sapienza University of Rome, Italian President Marketing Company, Scientific Director Eurispes,
Lucia Serena Rossi, professor of European Union Law at the University of Bologna.
Sticchi Saverio Damiani, associate professor of administrative Law at the University of Salento.
Giuseppe Coppola
, notary.
FrancescoTufarelli, secretary general of ACI.

My Startup, awards two companies or business projects with high technological content;


Paolo Barberis, director of Innovation of the President of the Council of Ministers;
Riccardo Luna, director of AGI,
Laura Mirabella, Managing Director uFirst,
Riccardo Pozzoli, CEO The Blonde Salad-Ferragni Chiara,
Luca La Mesa, Social Media & Innovation teacher, Chapter Ambassador SingularityU Rome,
Marco Marinucci, Co-founder and Managing Partner MTS Venture Partners.


My Reportage awards three videos on the topic:

  • "How digital is changing human beings: war, politics, economics, geography, history, love";


Barbara Carfagna, Tg1 journalist;
Federico Garimberti, Head of Media Relations Alitalia;
Stella Pende, Mediaset journalist;
Nicola Barone, journalist Il Sole 24 Ore;
Emanuele Caroppo, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst S.P.I. and Secretary General of the Research Center "Human Health Care and Social Intercultural Assessments" Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome.


My Job assigning an internship in Italian and inf international companies and master's degree at Bocconi University in Milan, LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome and Bologna Business School;


Francesca Golfetto, Professor of Management Bocconi University;
Matteo Giuliano Caroli, Professor of Management and International business & director of International Social Innovation Research Centre, LUISS Guido Carli;
Max Bergami, Dean Bologna Business Schoo;
Patrizia Fontana, partner Carter & Benson, Alex Giordano, director of Digital Ethnography Study Centre;
Alberto Luna, IXL-Center partner, COO StartupItalia, Co-organizer Maker Faire Europe Edition;
Antonio De Napoli, President Association ItaliaCamp;
Mauro Loy, Marketing Manager Methos.

My Frame, which rewards the best short film on a topic of free choice;


Matteo Garrone, director;
Paolo Genovese, director;
Andrea Leone, producer;
Paolo Del Brocco, CEO Rai Cinema;
Nicola Maccanico, Managing Director Warner Bros Italy.

My City, dedicated to Street Art, will be awarded to the three best works by artists under 30 who will design their murals in Rome, on the facades of the three buildings in the historic San Lorenzo who suffered the bombing of 19 July 1943. The artists will also receive a prize of 1,500 Euros for the winner, € 1,000 for second place, € 500 for the third prize. Winners not resident in Rome will be offered accommodation in a city for the time necessary to the realization.

Contest closing: May 14, 2017.


Francesca Del Bello, president of II Municipio in Roma;
Renato Fontana, director and creator of Italianism/Made by Italians;
Lucamaleonte, artist;
Rolando Galluzzi, director of editorial "Segreti e Tesori di Roma";
Daniel Modigliani, architect and urbanist.


Official Website: myllenniumaward.org
Facebook page: facebook.com/myllenniumaward
Twitter page: twitter.com/MYllenniumAward