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Method of assessment

The method of assessment is based on Written Exam + Project Work + Assignments

The Written Exam (50% of the final mark) is the same for attending and non-attending students;

  • During the written exam students can not use any other sheet, apart from those distributed by the professor. The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden. Thus, bring only a pen, student card or identity card;
  • If the written exam is passed with at least 18, students may refuse the score and come back to the next exam date (Please, come if you are well prepared!). The score obtained to the next exam date eliminate the previous one. If the score of the written exam is lower than 12 students cannot come in the next exam date;
  • At the end of the course there is the possibility to do a pre-exam that exonerate from the written exam of January. The final score of the pre exam is valid only for the first session (January).

For the Project Work (40% of the final mark) attending and non-attending students must present a word file and:

  • Attending and non-attending students can discuss their Project Work during the course (see the analytical syllabus). Presenters are exempt from the oral exam on the PW. In order to be exempt from the oral exam on the PW students need to present their PW in one of the scheduled dates;
  • Non-attending students and attending students who decide not to discuss the PW on the scheduled dates, have two possibilities:
    • they can discuss the PW on the exam date they choose for the examination. It is strongly recommended that the PW is presented, using a PPT presentation, on the same day by all members of the group. If it is not possible (e.g. because some group members are still in Erasmus) every student will be examined separately;
    • attending and non-attending students can also record the video of the PW discussion, uploading-it on YouTube (click here for an example).
  • Since the PW is strongly related to the theory asked in the written exam, the evaluation of the single student for the PW will take into account the presentation (during the course or using the YouTube video) as well as the final mark of the written exam in case of more than 5 points of discrepancy. For example, if the final mark of the PW presented by two students is 28, but one pass the written exam with 25 and the other with 18, the former will have confirmed 28 for the PW (since the discrepancy is less than 5 points, i.e. 3 points) while for the latter (the discrepancy is more than 5 points, i.e. 10 points!) the score of the PW will be the average (18+28)/2, that is 23. If the score of the written exam is higher than that of the PW, the score of the PW will not be adjusted, regardless of the discrepancy. Thus if you get 30 on the written exam and 18 to the PW, the final score of the PW is 18.

The Assignment is worth 10% of the final mark. The day of the written exam (except the pre-exam), students must indicate, in addition to Name, Matriculation Number and Project Work assigned, the number of assignments they completed. Moreover students have to bring the printed copy of their assignments that will be evaluated by the professor. The assignment must be completed for the date chosen for the exam. Students do not have to complete the assignment for the pre-exam.

Written exam: 25
Project work: 30
Assignments: 25

Final score = Written exam + Project work + Assignment = (25*50%) + (30*30%) + (25*20%) = 12,5 + 9 + 5 = 26.5 = 27

Pre-exam: Attending and non-attending students can do the pre-exam. However, it will be focused on the topics discussed during the course.