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The exam, depending on the number of the registered student, is a written exam or an oral exam.

In case of a written exam, the duration is about 3-4 hours and it includes:

a) Case discussion - You may be given a case study to which some questions may pertain in order to lead the discussion. As you respond to the questions, please use specific content and theories (use names to identify theories and models) as the basis of your analysis. You will not receive credit for your personal opinions unless backed by theory, lecture, and/or text material. Also, describe how you see the content/theory applying to the situation. Your answers will be evaluated based upon both quantity and quality. Answers that are more complete and demonstrate a higher level of understanding and analysis will receive more points.

b) Some questions directly connected to the course textbook – The questions could open, closed (multiple choice), or a combination of the both. You may be asked to discuss the models and the theories presented during the course. You will be asked to interpret some real incidents and to focus your attention to some specific theoretical issues.


Online exams:

For online exams, the general guidelines provided by the University are available at the following link: https://web.uniroma2.it/module/name/Content/action/showpage/content_id/83741.


Pre-Exam participation and exam grades registering on the booklet

Only regular attending students (85% of attendance to lectures and case discussions, including arriving late or leaving early) that have delivered the hard copies of ALL the case to the Instructors are allowed to take the pre-exam.


Only regular registered students on the DELPHI System will be allowed to register their grade.


The pre-exam grades will be registered on the first official exam date AFTER THE COURSE ENDING. It is compulsory to come on that date of the exam for registering the grade on the Delphi and on the booklet.

Team Project


The purpose of the project is to give your team an opportunity to apply what has been learned in the course (through course lectures, readings, and case discussions) to problems in a family firm of your team's choice.

Class members, regular attending students, will work in teams of four (4) people.


To the Team Project regular attending students will be allowed to achieve a -3/+3 extra points to the final grade of the Pre-Exam. Only regular attending students, taking the Pre-Exam will be accepted for the Team Project.

Your team should identify a family firm to study (Please, no student groups).

Your team is to gather information from people in the family firm through direct contact. You may supplement this information with data from the media, the organization's literature, and other secondary sources. You should identify a relatively recent problem to analyze (i.e., this should not be an historical account of a problem and the company's solution). You should focus your analysis by applying the concepts from the course. While it is acceptable to incorporate several concepts from the course, please aim for depth rather than breadth regarding the use of course concepts. Your goal is to diagnose the mechanisms that are causing the problem or issue of concern in the organization. Initially, you may notice many symptoms (for instance, a crisis after the succession, seemingly an unhealthy family culture, low family members’ commitment and involvement, governance issues, etc.), but your task is to get to the underlying reason for these symptoms. And beware, sometimes the initial symptoms we think we see are not what they appear to be.

There are three broad goals for this assignment:

1. One goal of this assignment is obviously to take the initiative to make a positive contribution to a family firm.

2. Another major goal is to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about family businesses first hand and to use your critical thinking and reflection skills to link your experience with this family firm to your learning in relation to family business theories.

3. The final goal is to provide a forum for you to hone your skills as a team member and leader and to reflect on the learning gained from this team experience. Each team will make a presentation and write a paper that describes what you did for the family firm, what you learned about family business, and what you learned about working on a team.

To meet these broad goals, your team should answer the following questions in the assignments detailed below.

a) What are the issues or problems facing the family firm?

b) What course concepts can be applied to understand why this problem is occurring?

c) What recommendations can you offer to help improve the family business functioning?

Deliverables of the Team Project:

1. The project proposal e-mail is due by email to Instructors by the date of the 9th session of the course by 5pm. It should include:

a) The names of your group members

b) Your team name

c) The name of the organization

d) The name, contact information and level of your contact person

e) The method you will use to gain access to the organization

f) A brief description (one paragraph) of the problem facing the organization.

2. Your written project is due by email to Instructors by the date of the 18th session of the course by 5pm .

It should contain a maximum of 15 double spaced pages (1 cm margins, 12 point font). You will be penalized significantly for exceeding this limit. The limit does not include appendices, which you are free to use to provide charts, figures, or other background material not necessary in the main body of your analysis. However, appendices that are not directly referenced in the main text will not be read. LATE PROJECT WRITE-UPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

This written project should summarize what you did for/within the family firm, what you have learned about family business, and what you have learned about working on a team.

Grading of the Team Project:

Your group project will be evaluated on the following criteria:

a. Problem definition: How well (i.e., thoroughly and concisely) do you describe the family business context, the relevant parties, and the factors that are important to the problem?

b. Accurate and thorough use of course concepts.

c. Integration of course concepts with information about the family firm and problem, i.e., how well do you integrate course concepts with information about the problem to illuminate the problem in a way that leads to solutions?

d. Extent to which recommendations are consistent with analysis.

e. Quality of written analysis.