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A.Y. 2019/20


The exam is based on a written test taken in two steps (in the morning the written test on Module I and in the afternoon the written test on Module II respectively). The written test of each module lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, and it is made of 3 open questions. It is evaluated in X out of 30. Students will also have the possibility to improve their final evaluation (with up to 2 additional extra-points) through:

- performing group works in module I (up to 1 point)
- participating in SAP Simulations (module II) as from a report on their strategy in each of the attended games (up to 1 point).

On this premise:

1) Excellent answers are those that represent an appropriate mix between theory and practice (i.e. business examples). Theoretical connections among the different topics are also very welcome.

2) Only students booked through the Delphi system can perform the exam.

3) If a student’s written test is evaluated as not sufficient, the student is not allowed to repeat the test in the same exam session.

4) When receiving the test in any given call, the student has the initial 10 minutes to retire. In this case, the test is intended as not performed, thus the student can try the test again in the same session

5) Students can receive insights about their written evaluation during the first office hours immediately available after the test’s date.

6) Students can decide to reject a grade when not satisfied. Being present in any given call automatically means rejecting a grade taken previously.