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Theses discussed over the years (per alphabetical order of the students' surname)


a.y. 2009/10

1. Competitive Advantage in Mature Industries: An Analysis of the Italian insurance industry (Greco Valeria).


a.y. 2010/11

1. The Evolution of the Automobile Industry: A Population Ecology Approach (Lacaria Mirko).

2. Risk analysis in the Internationalization Process of the Italian SMEs (Mazzoni Marco).

3. Boards of Directors and Corporate Distress. Evidence from the Financial Crisis (Tranquilli Stefano).

4. Countervailing the Liability of Newness through Organizational Routines. Evidence from the Well-Being Industry (Uli Vincenzo).*

* This thesis was then published as the homonymous article in the Current Progress Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 4-11.


a.y. 2011/12

1. A Co-Evolutionary Perspective on Organizational Strategies: The Hedume Project (Altieri Diego).

2. Defending Corporate Reputation: The Experience of the Coca-Cola Company in India (Banerjee Sujata).

3. What Determines Successful Turnarounds? A Systematic Literature Review (Cianfanelli Marco).

4. Analysis of the Dialectical Relation between Diversification and Performance. Does Diversification Improve the Performance of Luxury Companies? (Gassi Angelica).

5. New Technological Paradigms in the Automotive Industries? The Case of Electric Cars (Monterosso Danilo).

6. A Narrative Approach to Corporate Crises: Evidence from the Italian Railways' Industry (Pane Massimiliano).

7. Corporate Turnaround. Evidence from the Automotive Industry (Zhong Jia).


a.y. 2012/13

1. Behavioral Strategy What's Hot and What's Not. A Review (Bocchini Giorgia).

2. Competitive Advantage in the Gas Industry. Evidence from ENI (Crea Nicoletta).

3. Entrepreneurial Intensity in the Natural Selection Stage: The Case of Solteck Energia (Di Paolo Federica).

4.  Corporate Reputation and Crisis Management. The RIM Case (Fidale Alessandro).

5. Managing Sustainable Innovation. The Case of Gamma Manager (Gaughan Jeff).

6. Overcoming the Liability of Newness through Networks: The Case of Bionike (Mezzatesta Federica).

7. Organizational Evolution and Exaptation Processes. The Fiat-Chrysler Experience (Sanna Mirco).

8. The Ambidexterity Cascade: Evidence from Procter and Gamble (Sportelli Giuseppe).

9. The Role of Human Capital in Countervailing the Liability of Newness. The Blur Group's Case (Zeri Mattia).


a.y. 2013/14

1. The Emerging Relationship between Environmental and Financial Performance (Cantineau Maxime).

2. The Rise of Patient Centric Networks (De la Chambre Jerome).

3. The Success Factors in Overcoming the Liability of Newness: The Case of NTV-Italo (Manzari Nicola).


a.y. 2014/15

1. The Organizational Downturn and Turnaround of Starbucks (El Sabeh Sandy).