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Info richiesta tesi

Info thesis

The thesis is generally articulated as follows:
• Introduction
• Chapter 1
• Chapter 2
• Conclusions

Introduction: here you have to highlight the aim of your work (your research question). In particular, you need to point out why it is important, why it is relevant, for whom it is important/relevant. Then, you must specify how the thesis is articulated.
Chapter 1. In this chapter you have to deepen the theoretical framework of your thesis. Thus, you need a clear, well-defined research question in order to develop the theoretical arguments about it. I strongly recommend to use “Business Source Complete” in order to search for the most updated papers on the topic you want to analyze.
This is the link to this database:
If you work at home, you need the Tor Vergata proxy; here you can understand how to find and use it:
Chapter 2.  Generally, in this chapter you will analyze a case study/empirical balance sheet data/surveys/etc in order to understand if a gap or a link between theory and practice does exist. Be aware that theoretical theses are also welcome.
Conclusion. In this section, you will specify the main results of your work, pointing out the link between theory and practice.
More info is available at http://economia.uniroma2.it/master-science/ba/graduation-session/
In particular, read carefully the following link:
According to BA rules, the word count is from 25,000 to 35,000; this means you will have to develop about 40 pages for each chapter.