Guide to writing and defending master´s thesis

On May 29th Prof. Marta Fernández Olmos from the University of Zaragoza will have a seminar aimed to make students better understand how to write and defend the master degree thesis.

YERUN - Summer School opportunitites

Summer Schools in ERP System and Social Innovation and Design offered within the YERUN network, of which the University of Rome Tor Vergata is a partner.

Mr. Bradley C. Birkenfeld presentation of his book "Il Banchiere di Lucifero"

Mr. Birkenfeld is the American banker and whistleblower whose disclosures to the United States government led to a massive fraud investigation against the Swiss bank UBS and other banks that had enabled tax evasion by U.S. taxpayers.

DXC Technology - Recruiting Day

DXC is coming to our University to introduce its job opportunities (permanent contract) in the Analytics, Application and Consulting Fields and to interview the best candidates applying to its job offer.

Unilever - Get prepared

Mrs Linda Langella - HR Country Recruitment and Talent Lead at Unilever - will run three interactive workshops on getting prepared for the recruitment process.

Doing Business in India

A short Course for understanding the History of Indian Business.

Luxottica after Sales: Cross Cultural Competition around the world

During the seminar of Innovation Management Methodology, Carlo Salomoni and Sara Pianezze from Luxottica Group S.p.A. will have a lecture on the cross cultural competition around the world.

Festa del BIO - From the Field to the Shelf, from the Producer to the Consumer

On the occasion of the "Festa del BIO" in Rome, June 9th 2018, organized by FederBio, they are looking for ideas and talents. The intent is to put the university world in contact with that of companies through a contest.

Summer School - VIT students

Technology - Driven Management Practices

Workshop Startup

The founder of the Association UnInFormazione, together with the CEOs and / or founders of some of the most important startups in the Roman environment, will have an workshop on the 10th of April in the Faculty of Economics (Room TL, Building A - Ground floor.

Summer School in Bangalore India

Evolving Business Environment in India and Doing Business in India

Job opportunitites in Amazon

On March 9th, Amazon will come to our University and meet our students and recent graduates to present their job opportunities both for internships and full time jobs!

Advanced Marketing guest lecture

The excellence in e-commerce. The case of Zalando.

Advanced Marketing guest lecture

Marketing 4.0 - From storytelling to storymaking. The case of Mastercard.

Advanced Marketing guest lecture

Brand and Event management - The case of Ferragamo

Sales Management seminar

Selling high technology investment goods - the case of Leonardo.

Auditing Services at Deloitte Luxembourg

Job meeting for Control & Auditing track. Insights and CV's collecting for Deloitte.

Strategic Sales in P&G

Sales Management seminar: Strategic Sales in Procter & Gamble. Organization and values - the P&G model.

Business Intergenerational Game

This is BIG, a new engaging and training initiative that our CFMT Training Center is organized together with Universities, Associations of Manageritalia, Companies and Assogiocattoli.

Welcome party 2017

Welcome party: barbecue, drink and music! The University of Rome Tor Vergata is waiting for you at the 2017 Welcome Party.

Management Best Practices in the Service Industry

Professor Sara Poggesi's Service Management course presents a lecture on Management best practices in the service industry.

MSc Business Administration Welcome Day 2017

All new MSc in Business Administration students are welcome to join us starting at 12.45 in Aula Aereoporto for a celebration.

The Accenture Public Management Consulting LAB

July 14th saw the final meeting of the first edition of Accenture Public Management Consulting LAB, jointly promoted by Accenture and the BA Track in Social Innovation and Government.

Make an Impact: an introduction to Social Innovation & Government

An introduction to the specialisation in Social Innovation & Government offered by the Master of Science in Business Administration at University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Shaping your future – Control & Auditing presents itself

An introduction to the specialisation in Control & Auditing track coordinated by Sandro Brunelli.

Business Simulations in Higher Education

Professor Isidro de Pablo, Full Professor of Business Organization at the l'Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, director of the CIADE Centro de Iniciativas Emprendedoras Incubator, involved in years of technology transfer and business simulation will lecture students with two lessons.

Entrepreneurial Landscape in India

Suahas Gopinath, Indian entrepreneur and CEO of ShopsUp will teach a lesson at University of Tor Vergata on the Indian entrepreneurial landscape and possibilities.

Digital Platforms and Their Economic Impact

Professor Marting Kenney teaches a lesson on Digital Platforms. The lesson will take place in Aula S6 starting at 3.00pm.

CAP - Career Advisory Program

CAP Career Advisory Program is an event organised by BAIA, Economia Tor Vergata and ALET in order to help students better understand which future career paths they can choose by listening to real experts.

Yerun Summer Schools Scholarships

University of Rome Tor Vergata announces for the academic year 2016/2017, a call for 20 scholarships for all the students willing to attend a summer school in one of the University of the YERUN Network

Experience India: Work and Study in Bangalore

BA Tor Vergata is happy to offer its students a one Time Chance to Experience the Culture the Professional Training and the Knowledge of India, with a 6 month working at Indian Technology company and three months studying at IIMB.

P&G Future Female Leaders - Sales Edition

P&G is committed to the advancement and support of women, we believe this is a great opportunity for female students to learn from and interact with managers from their career field of interest.

Campus Party 2017

With more than 60 editions in 11 Countries the world over, more than 600 community partners, 400 Universities and a global network of almost 500,000 talents like you, Campus Party is arriving in Italy for the first time, in Milan from 20 to 23 July 2017.

Master Thesis Workshop

Writing a Master Thesis can be tricky, and students may face new challenges. It enquires certain rules that must be followed. Niloofar Kazemargi, (PhD, MSc.BA) will help student of Business Administration avoid plagiarism and understanding research methods.

VIDEO: Graduation Session | March 2017

A video of the Master of Science in business administration graduation March 2017 session.

Johnson & Johnson meets students of Tor Vergata

Johnson & Johnson Italy will be at Faculty of Economics in University of Rome "Tor Vergata" to meet students of economics. Students of Business Administration are welcome to bring their CV for the interviews with the Johnson&Johnson staff.

T2T Training to Talent

"Training to talent" is a cooperation project between Manageritalia Roma and CFMT to help and promote the talent of young graduates whom will form the future leaders of the country.

UNICA Student Conference 2017

The theme of the UNICA network (European capital universities network) 2017 conference is "Towards student-centered Universities" and it is organized by Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma3 University.

CSRI Credit Suisse Research Institute Academy Challenge 2017

Following the success of the 2016 Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) Academy Challenge, the think tank is launching the 2017 CSRI Academy Challenge, asking young people for their views on how the political order may change over the next decade.

Strategic Brand Management by R. Abratt

Visiting professor Russell Abratt is back with a course which deals with the specific issues of branding strategy and management and the decisions that must be made to build, measure, and manage brand equity.

Call for Extra-fee Exemptions 2016/17

For the Academic Year 2016/2017, at the Department of Management and Law, University of Rome Tor Vergata, it has been announced a call for extra-fee exemptions of the MSc in Business Administration, which is equal to 3.000 euros.

7th Report of the Observatory on Management Consulting in Italy

The 7th yearly report from the Observatory on Management Consulting in Italy is now available online. The Osservatorio is formed by Professors Cerruti, Borra and Appolloni of University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Erasmus+ 2017/18 Call for Applications

The 2017 2018 Erasmus+ call for applications has been published for students of University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Hult Prize 2017: four BA Tor Vergata students qualify for the finals

A team composed of four Tor Vergata Business Administration students qualified among 50.000 participants for the regional finals of the Hult Prize Challenge taking place next March in San Francisco.

MYllennium Award 2017

Myllennium Award 2017 is a contest which aims to involve under-30 students and their projects in Startup, non-fiction sections, Investigative reporting, New job opportunities and Architecture.

Marketing Prize for Universities 2017

"Millennial Mon Amor" is the title of the case study for the 29th edition of the Premio Marketing 2017 per l'Università - the marketing prize for universities.

Hult Prize Challenge 2017

Can we build sustainable, scalable social enterprises that restore the rights and dignity of 10 million refugees by 2022.

KPMG international Case Competition 2017

Meet the new KPMG peers and travel to the KICC international finals in Libon next April 10th: Gain firsthand experience. Push your potential to the next level. And, of course, win the competition.

EY Meet the Future

EY Italy presents "Meet the Future" an event which offers students and graduates the opportunity to get in touch with one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Observatory on Management Consulting | Assoconsult

The Observatory Assoconsult on Management consulting with collaboration of the University of Rome Tor Vergata is the N°1 reference for the consulting industry in Italy.

Bulgari Marketing & Sales Study Case

Bulgari's Jewelry Business Unit Managing director Mauro Di Roberto will be a guest lecturer of Prof. Simonetta Pattuglia's Sales Management Course next December 5th.

Leonardo Finmeccanica Sales Management Case at Tor Vergata

Stefano Bortoli, SVP Sales and Strategic Sourcing of Leonardo Helicopters(Finmeccanica), will be a guest of Prof. Simonetta Pattuglia course for a lesson on Sales Management at Leonardo Helicopters.

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies: What type of mark will you make

Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest companies in the healthcare sector, organizes a day at Tor Vergata School of Economics to meet with students and graduates in Economics.

Call for Study, Research and Thesis Abroad

University of Rome "Tor Vergata" is offering students of Economics a chance to study, research and write their thesis outside Europe. The extra-european mobility calls for thesis study and research, which will be presented next November 28th in Aula TL of Faculty of Engineering, deadline is December 7th.

Ariston Thermo Group International Career Programme 2017

Ariston Thermo Group is looking for young inernational talented students and graduates to strengthen its “Rapid Development Countries” (RDC) region that operates through production plants and commercial offices in Africa, Americas, East Europe, India, Middle East and Russia.

Financial Due Diligence Process by Pwc Deals Manager

A lesson by Claudia Armenise, assistant Manager at PWC Deals, about the basic financial due diligence process. The lesson is open to both students of Bachelor and MSc in Business Administration.

BCG The Future Makers

After last years' success, BCG is coming to Tor Vergata School of Econonomics looking for the 100 best students in Italy to offer them the unique occasion to be trained and to interact with some of the most authoritative representants in the Business Community.

P&G Top Manager

P&G will meet students of Tor Vergata to talk about the many available career paths at P&G. The Event will be in Italian but the presentation slides are in English!

Rome Business Game 2017

After a great success of the first edition, the Rome Business Game remains one of four projects of the International Careers Festival 2017.

Impact of digitalization across industries by Bernardo Nicoletti

Mr. Bernardo Nicoletti will guest lecture students of Business Administration with a lesson about the impact of digitalization across industries. Mr. Nicoletti is specialized in IT Management and Coaching, especially for medium size companies. Also he is the author of 15 books on Management, has been a frequent speaker in International Conferences and published 200 articles in domestic and international Reviews.

Hands On SAP Business ByDesign

Starting next November 14th at 4.00pm in aula S2, the 2nd module of General Management course by Prof. Cerruti will feature a course on SAP Business ByDesign presented by Simone Ferretti.


Apply to Women@HILTI, an event that will be held at Tor Vergata School of Economics next November 9th in Aula S10. Three HILTI women managers will meet the students to discuss the opportunities, the challenges and the culture at HILTI in Milan.

HappEY HOUR PAS Mobility | EY

The HappEY Hour is an occasion for you to understand which is the approach we use with our customers and to understand the opportunities that we offer to new graduates.

Managing Organizational Processes by Prof. Marjan Bojadjiev

Professor Luca Gnan's course Organizational Dynamics and Behaviour is proud to announce a very special guest lecturer, Professor Marjan I. Bojadziev, who will teach a 12 hour lesson entitled "Managing Organizational Processes".

Italian Language Course

University of Rome Tor Vergata's Master of Science in Business Administration offers to all its international students a basic Italian language course.

B2 French Language Course (6 CFU)

University of Rome Tor Vergata offers a B2 Level Course in French Language. The course, held by Prof. Anne-Marie Bertinotti is open only to students of Tor Vergata School of Economics and is worth 6CFU points as an Extra Activity.

Manager Delfino Corti to lecture on Chinese Market Strategies

Manager Delfino Corti will lecture students of Tor Vergata School of Economics next October 4th with two lessons about China.

VIDEO: Graduation Session July 2016

Enjoy this 5 minute video story about the July 2016 graduation session at Tor Vergata Business Administration.

Tor Vergata shines among the EU university rankings

University of Rome Tor Vergata can be proud as it ranked among the Top 50 universities in the disciplines of History, Mathematics, Medicine.

Tor Vergata team wins JA Italy University Startup Competition

The startup team, led by Federica Sabuzi, PhD student in Organic Chemistry, has developed a project to synthesize in an efficient, economic and sustainable way a very effective antibacterial called bromontimolo, rarely used in industry because of the unsustainable labor and extraction costs.

Uni Tor Vergata researches win "Best Paper Award" at the 28th Annual Sinergie Conference

Another great achievement as University of Tor Vergata's researchers Simonetta Pattuglia and Michela Mingione were awarded the "Best Paper Award 2016" during the 28th edition of the Annual Conference organized by Italian Journal of Management Sinergie for their paper "Towards a new understanding of brand authenticity: Seeing through the lens of Millennials".

Tor Vergata and Assoconsult present the Management Consulting Observatory

The VII edition of the Stati Generali del Management Consulting (General State of Management Consulting) the yearly meeting about the state of the management consulting industry in Italy was successfully concluded last June 9th in Rome's beautiful Confindustria headquarters of EUR.

Monster University Tour 2016

The Monster University Tour 2016 Work and Social Network, CV, Web reputation Partecipation is open to all students and alumni of University of Tor Vergata.

EY Business Game Competition 2016

University Rome Tor Vergata Master of Science in Business Administration presents the 2016 EY Business Game Competition: Build your team and lead a virtual digital Startup.

AIESEC - Leave Change Come Back!

AIESEC, in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata presents: "Leave Change Come Back!" An event created to introduce you our volunteering and professional opportunities abroad.

ALITUR e Università Forum Lavoro - Career Day 2016 - XXIVa Edizione

ALITUR (Associazione Laureati Ingegneria di Tor Vergata Università di Roma) e Università Forum Lavoro presentano la 24a edizione del Career Day che si svolgerà alla Facoltà di Ingegneria di Tor Vergata.

视频: 学生在工商管理毕业 | Tor Vergata Business Administration

工商管理罗马“在Tor Vergata ”毕业的大学学生。该cerimony发生在经济学院的“礼堂麦格纳” 。

MSc in Business Administration 2016/2017 Course Presentation

Professor Corrado Cerruti is proud to introduce the 7 new specialisations offered by our Master in Science in Business Adminisration starting from academic year 2016/2017. Starting at 2pm next Wednesday 30th.

Giornata del Consulente 2016

Il professor Corrado Cerruti ed il corso di Business administration sono lieti di presentare la Giornata del Consulente, un incontro tra gli studenti dell'Università di Tor Vergata con Assoconsult e Confindustria volto a scoprire i talenti del futuro.

Orna Schezen Nobarb - Shaping Careers

Orna Schezen Nobarb, CEO , Estee Lauder Group of Companies Italy, meets students of University of Tor Vergata at the School of Economics next March 29th in Aula TL at 2pm to help them shape their careers.

Primavera dell'Università

Primavera dell'Università Next March 21st at Villa Mondragone (Frascati) the University of Rome Tor Vergata takes part to the Primavera dell'Università, an the initiative launched on a national level by CRUI (the Conference of the Rectors of Italian Universities).

The Future Makers BCG

March 24 BCG will be to present the students of Tor Vergata the project " The Future Makers " which will provide an opportunity to participate in two days of training in its Milan offices to over 100 university students from the most prestigious Ital

Soft Skills Cycle of Seminars

A cycle of seminars on Soft Skills offered by the business administration MSc of Uni Tor Vergata featuring speakers Kerstin Kathy Meyer- Ross, Nicola De Benedictis, Paolo Casamassima and Marco Sartarelli.

Lean Six Sigma for Service Processes

Professor Sara Poggesi's Service Management course presents a lesson by Fabrizio Pellizzetti "Lean Six Sigma for Service Processes".

Laboratorio per la Nuova Economia

L'obbiettivo generale di questo laboratorio è di sensibilizzare i ragazzi ad un nuovo tipo di Responsabilità Sociale, attenta alle esigenze e ai bisogni del Territorio (laziale) e premiante nei confronti delle Buone pratiche presenti al suo interno o di futura realizzazione.

Ariston Thermo Graduates Challenge

Ariston Thermo Group Graduates Challenge is an opportunity offered to students and newly graduates to be involved in a concrete professional experience.

TEH Ambrosetti: Innovation Management Dynamics

In order to develop the insights, theories and tools to shape the future of innovation thinking and action, TEH Ambrosetti have been partnering with top-ranking universities worldwide, including MScBA at Tor Vergata University.

PWC Director Marco Giustacchini on Managing a consulting team

PWC Director Marco Giustacchini will guest lecture professor Corrado Cerruti's Management Consulting course with a lesson about how to Manage a consulting team.

Sales Management in AgustaWestland by S.Bortoli

Stefano Bortoli of AgustaWestland (Finmeccanica) will be a guest of Prof. Simonetta Pattuglia for a lesson on Sales Management at AgustaWestland.

FOX Channel Italy lesson on Sales Management

FOX Channel Italy's Alessandro Militi will be Prof.Simonetta Pattuglia guest lecturer next December 11th for a lesson on Marketing & Sales management at Fox.

Cycle of Company Case Studies

Professor Andrea Appolloni's course in Procurement Sourcing and Supply Chain Management presents a cycle of seminars featuing speakers from some of the most influential companies in Italy.

Unilever: Get Prepared

Linda Langella HR Talent Acquisition Unilever will run an interactive workshop on in order to help students of Business Administration getting prepared for the recruitment process.

Rome Business Game

The Rome Business Game is a simulation entirely dedicated to the world of business, international markets, marketing and management taking place in Rome from the 5th to 8th of March 2016.

International Trade Cycle of Seminars

New seminary "International Trade" by Professor Massimiliano Di Pace starting October 2nd. The seminar is part of the Master of Science in Business Administration and is worth 3 credits as an Extra Activity.

HILTI Recruitment Development Manager meets BA students

Next Wednesday October 21st recruitment development manager of Hilti Maria will be at University of Tor Vergata's Faculty of Economics to lecture Business Administration students on career building guidance and internship opportunities at HILTI.

Visiting professor Anne Drumaux to teach two seminars for Business Government Relations

Professor Anne Drumaux, visiting from Solvay Brussels School, will teach 2 seminars during the Business Government Relations about quantitative and qualitative research.

Marketing & Sales: Guest speaker Gaetano Carboni of MasterCard

Mr. Gaetano Carboni, Group Executive Strategic Alliances in the Public Private Partnerships at MasterCard Worldwide will guest lecture students next October, 8th at 2 pm in P1. This class is part of the Marketing & Sales course - specialisation.

MarkStrat - The Marketing Game is coming to University of Tor Vergata

MarkStrat is a strategic marketing simulation which will offer Tor Vergata students a platform to test theories and make marketing decisions. Thanks to this marketing strategy simulation game every aspect is real.

International Students Welcome Month 2015

Starting on September 1st, every day, from Monday to Friday at the School of Economics (Via Columbia 2) all new International students will have the possibility to be supported and tutored in filling their Stay Permit and Health Insurance modules.

The States-General of Management Consulting in the Age of Digitalisation

The 6th edition of the annual meeting with the States-General of Management Consulting this year will include a focus on the theme of digitization, with different and important testimonials of success stories.

Myllennium Award 2015

MYllennium Award 2015 "Premio Raffaele Barletta", the contest for under 30 and their projects in non-fiction sections, Startups, Investigative reporting, Architecture and New job opportunities.

Pascal Faucon tells students about challenges in Chinese job market

Pascal Faucon, CEO of CFP Talent, will teach a workshop called “Opportunities and Challenges of the job market in China”, open to all business administration students.

Cycle of Company Case Studies

Professor Andrea Appolloni starts his new Procurement Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategies course with a cycle of company case studies, featuring guest speakers from 9 different companies.

Visiting Professor Dermot Breslin of Sheffield University

Dr. Dermot Breslin of Sheffield University of Management will be teaching Entrepreneuship here in Faculty of Economics to our Business Administration students from April to May.

Events: The Marketing Game

Thursday May 7th, University of Tor Vergata Faculty of economics will host the Stratx Markstrat Marketing Games for students of economics. Anyone interested in partecipating is welcome to apply through our Doodle portal.

Seminar: The Louis Vuitton Case

MSc Business Administration's Advance Marketing course presents, a seminary featuring Mrs Mariotti, Client Communication Manager at Louis Vuitton: "The Louis Vuitton Case".

Course: Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Professor Simone Borra (Statistics) starts his course about "Business Intelligence and Data Mining": sign up here to partecipate.

The World's Youngest CEO

Students of Tor Vergata Economia will have a chance, next Tuesday 3rd of March, Suhas Gopinath the world's youngest CEO, founder of Globals Inc.

PWC Workshop on Management Consulting

PWC Italia managers will join Professor Corrado Cerruti to offer two workshops on Management Consulting.

Erie Meyer of US Digital Services meet the students

Erie Meyer of US Digital Services will be in Tor Vergata School of Economics to meet students and talk about open data...

Call for Application SAP ByD course

Master of Science in Business Administration is launching the third edition of course in Business Simulations on SAP ByDesign.

Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015 Kickoff

Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a competition created by Hello Tomorrow, a non-profit association based in Paris. It is dedicated to early-stage startups from all over the world...

Michiel Bakker of Google visiting Tor Vergata School of Economics

Michiel Bakker, Director of Google Food, will be a guest of Tor Vergata School of Economics next Monday, February 9th. Sign Up to attend the event.

Celebration of course in Business Simulations on SAP ByDesign

The 30th of January at Villa Mondragone in Frascati, University of Tor Vergata, Business Administration and InEssence Reply will host a Celebration of course in Business Simulations on SAP ByDesign feauting Michael Schmitt General global manager of SAP Business ByDesign.

Enterprise Applications for Cloud Event

The 29th of January at Villa Mondragone in Frascati, University of Tor Vergata, Business Administration and InEssence Reply will host a special event feauting Michael Schmitt of SAP Business by Design and Dietmar Meding InEssence Reply.

Y20 - Young Ambassadors Society

Istanbul will be hosting the Youth Summit of the G20 between 15-21 August 2015. We are looking for five talented young people that will represent the Italian youth delegation

Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs

The "Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs" contest of Junior Achievement Italy and Hyundai offers valuable financial and advisory support to help flourish business ideas, developed in Italian universities, that demonstrate a strong potential to be accomplished.

Arthur D. Little Business Game

Arthur D. Little, an international leader in management consultancy, is looking for bright graduates and undergraduates in Economics and Engineering Management to join its staff, for an internship of six months with the real possibility of hiring.

BCG Meets Tor Vergata Students

Boston Consulting Group - BCG will be in University of Tor Vergata next December 11th to meet with students for a Company presentation and to discuss objectives, job opportunities stages.

CEO of Finproject to Lecture MSc BA Students of Tor Vergata

Friday November 26th CEO of Finproject Maurizio Vecchiola will be talking to students about global supply chain and business strategies targeting company quotations on the stock exchange. Lesson will take place within our General Management course.

International Dinner 2014

The Erasmus International Dinner 2014 is back again: Friday November 7th in Tor Vergata's Economics faculty students from all over the world will be offering a taste of their own typical food.

Seminar: Energy Market in Italy and in Europe

Friday 14th of November in Aula TL of Economy Tor Vergata, thirty managers from Indian company ONGC Ltd will be attending a seminary "Energy Market in Europe" thaught by Prof. Salvatore Lanza .

SAP Forum Milano - Innovation through Simplification

The 2014 edition of SAP Forum Milan offers a plenary session with a large selection of international guests, three theaters specifically dedicated to different areas of business (finance and administration, sales and marketing, human resources), over fifty parallel presentations delivered by SAP, its Partners and their clients in different paths reserved for vertical markets and lines of business.

Career Day 2014

Wednesday, 22th October 2014 Desk imprese Office organizes the 7th edition of the Campus&Leaderds&Talents at the School of Economics – University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Seminar: Analytics for Business Intelligence

Professor Borra will host Mrs Cinzia Amandonico, SAS Analytics Innovation Center Manager for a Seminar about Analytics for Business Intelligence.

Course: Lean and Information and Communication Systems in Support of Innovation

Introduction to the new opportunities and challenges in the use of Lean and Digitize in the organizations for the improvement of competitiveness in the Italian or foreign markets. Each module includes a team work and a final presentation on real business case histories on which the lecturer has worked.

Unilever Webinars Series No.2

Following the great success of its first edition last April Unilever Webinars Series are happy to announce that October 15th at 5pm a second session called "Goodby Serious, Hello Joy - Running The Biggest Global Ice Cream Business" will take place online.

Visiting Professors from University of Adelaide

Once again Tor Vergata University will be hosting international professors and lecturers to enrich the courses schedule offered by the Master of Science in Business Administration. Australians Dr. George Shan and Mr. Will Mackay, both from University of Adelaide, will be sharing classes with Prof. Chirico, Dr Flaviano Bruno, Dr Andrea Bellisario and Dr Andrea Corrado and offer lectures and case studies in 3 of the 6 sections of our Managerial Accounting course, starting September 22nd and ending December 15th.

Business Coaching and 1-to-1 sessions for MSc BA students

Thursday, October 2nd - This morning and yesterday afternoon, in the cozy atmosphere of the "Salottino" library of the Tor Vergata Economy faculty, students from the Master of Science in Business Administration were offered the wonderful opportunity to listen and speak to professionals, Nicola De Benedictis and Pierluigi Palmigiani, in a business coaching lesson and in 1-to-1 sessions.

TEDx Tor Vergata U: Ideas Worth Sharing

The 2014 multidisciplinary conference TEDx Tor Vergata (#TEDxTVU), organized and hosted by Tor Vergata University of Rome, took place last saturday in the Auditorium of the University Campus. The main topic of the conference, organized by the students of the Master in Business Administration, was Intuition. The issue was addressed by speakers from many different areas including philosophy, space engineering, art, poetry and business advising.


A 3 CFUs cycle of seminars starting on 6th March held by Cristiana Barbatelli