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Blockchains for Social Innovation (3 CFU)

To shed light on the new social technologies that are radically changing the interactions between the key societal actors

Blockchains for Social Innovation

Objective: to shed light on the new social technologies that are radically changing the interactions between the key societal actors.

Description: the course will create a co-working environment for the analysis and the simulation of social supply chains involved in the digital transition. More specifically, the focus will be on the new forms of social enterprises that are addressing the challenge called “Platform cooperativism”.

Course structure

The course is composed by 12 workshops:

1) Introduction to the social innovation

2) The Blockchain technology

3) The use of Distributed Ledger Technologies

4) The case of Criptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols

5) The three pillars of the Blockchain Startup: White paper, Smart Contract, ICO

6) Analysis of White Papers

7) Analysis of Smart Contracts

8) Analysis on Initial Coin Offering

9) Impact management: how to measure and evaluate

10) Impact Investing

11) The possible implications of the Blockchains for the community and the local economy

12) How to rethink the skills for addressing the current and the future job market



Terms of Attendence

Only students attending at least 80% of the scheduled lessons will be allowed to obtain the 3 CFUs valid for the Extra-Activities.


The evaluation will take into account:

- The attendance to the workshops
- The participation to the co-working sessions
- The final presentation of the results of the co-working sessions.


The course will be held by Prof. Luigi Corvo. For any info please contact him at luigi.corvo@uniroma2.it

How to Apply

Interested students from Faculty of Economics
Students interested in participating to the course are required to complete the form. Participation to this event will grant 3 Credits for extra activities to BA students.


The deadline for registration is TBC.


There is minimum course capacity. Thus, after registration period, a confirmation email will send to all participants. 

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