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Financial Due Diligence Process: the Consultancy Approach (3 CFU) 1° - 2° module

PwC manager Claudia Armenise and professor Sandro Brunelli present a seminar on Financial due Diligence Process and the responsibilities involved in the consultancy lenses.

FDD Process in Consultancy Firm Lenses

Professor Sandro Brunelli and PwC Deals Manager Claudia Armenise present this new seminar with the main purpose of providing a faithful depiction of the financial due diligence process according to a multilaterlal stakeholder perspective.

The course is open to all business administration students with a preferred lane for students belonging to the Control and Auditing specialization and for those who are, among all specialization, in the 2nd year enrollment. There are 40 places available. The course will start with 10 subscriptions at least. The course is completely free for students from Faculty of Economics, for external participants there is a fee.

NB: Transportation costs for the meeting at PwC will be self-financed by students

CFU Credits

The course is worth 3 CFU credit points and starts March 18th 2019. To obtain the 3 extra activity credits students will be required to attend at least 3 over 4 meetings and to participate to a group-project work whose guidelines will be provided during the first or second meeting.

The course value added

Observing as a whole firms realities is a complex, rather than complicated, task to address.

Most of times, only during extraordinary firm-life moments (mergers, liquidation, acquisition, etc.) the relatives need arises.

In that instant Economist, lawyers, buyers, sellers, and all people/organizations involved in the transaction, would like to know more and more about the firm.

As a result, often a financial advisor is appointed to this end.

Whatever will be your future career, you will meet context where a certain degree of judgement is required to outline valutation and assessement, even partially, about different business.

The aim of this course is to outline a basic and rigorous framework for leading a reliable financial due diligence for different purposes.


Date Time Room Topic

09:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 16:00


Aula Magna

FDD at a glance. Base financial data and reclassification
25.03.2019 09:00 - 16:00 TL Balance sheet and NFP
08.04.2019 09:00 - 16:00 TL Income statement and Cash flow analysis and other financial information analysis
15.04.2019 all day

PwC Rome

Visit at PwC deals headquarter in Rome and project works presentation

Course Summary

1) 18 March 2019 - FDD at a glance. Base financial data and reclassification (6 hours)
• Overview of PwC organization;
• The deal continuum;
• The Financial Due Diligence;
• DD report structure;
• Vendor vs Buy Side Due Diligence;
• Our clients;
• Integrity, validation and comprehension of financial data;
• Balance sheet and income statement reclassification;
• Groups formation for conducting a real FDD.

2) 25 March 2019 - Balance sheet and NFP (6 hours)
• Focus on balance sheet;
• Focus on working capital;
• Net Debt and adjusted net financial position;
• Case study.

3) 8 April 2019 - Income statement and Cash flow analysis and other financial information analysis (6 hours)
• Historical performance analysis;
• Volume/Price effect and other analysis;
• Quality of Earnings;
• Overview of cash flow;
• Case study.

4) 15 April 2019 - Visit at PwC deals headquarter in Rome and project works presentation (6 hours)
• A colloquium with a PwC Partner and Human Capital team about the recruitment process;
• An amazing journey at the PwC experience center.
• Project works presentation and final remarks.


For info please write an email (subject: "FDD Extra Activity") including your name and surname to professor Sandro Brunelli: brunelli@economia.uniroma2.it.

How to Apply

Interested students from Faculty of Economics
Students interested in participating to the course are required to complete the form. Participation to this event will grant 3 Credits for extra activities to participants.

Interested participants from other faculties and practitioners
This course is open also to external participants (Other faculties and practitioners), more information about the cost is available on the syllabus.  For registration, please send an email to Claudia Lombardi at placementba@uniroma2.it

Deadline: March 14th 2019


There is minimum course capacity. Thus, after registration period, a confirmation email will send to all participants. 

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