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Available Dissertation Topics

Atella Vincenzo, Kopinska Joanna – Health Economics

Title 1: The role of environment on population health: an analysis based on micro data

Title 2: Innovation in health

Title 3: Estimating Long Term Care demand in Europe

Attar Andrea Kamal - Microeconomics II

Title 1: Mechanism design under common agency

Title 2: Recent developments in the theory of adverse selection

Title 3: Markets and contracts: a theoretical appraisal

Belotti Federico - Microeconometrics

Title 1: The socio-economic gradient in life expectancy in Europe: evidence from SHARE

Title 2: Attrition bias in longitudinal observational studies: evidence from primary care data

Title 3: Monte Carlo evidence on the estimation of multivariate mixed - models via bivariate approximation

Corrado Luisa – International Economics and Macroeconomics

Title 1: The Determinants of Credit-less Recoveries

Title 2: When the Crisis Hits: Shocks, Financial Constraints and Consumption Cutbacks

Title 3: Understanding Booms and Busts in Housing Markets

Cubadda Gianluca - Time Series

Title 1: Large VAR models

Title 2: Macroeconomic forecasting with many predictors

Title 3: Dimension reduction in time series analysis

De Fraja Gianni - Public Sector Economics and Management

Title 1: Mobility and opportunity. Empirical application from US data [available at https://opportunityinsights.org/]

Title 2: Selections from Set: Applications of the Axioms of Orderliness in Team Selection

Title 3: Inheritance Taxation: A Theoretical Analysis

Title 4: Media Influence on the Voters in Local and National Elections

Ferraris Leo - Monetary Economics

Title 1: Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound

Title 2: Liquidity Trap and Monetary Policy

Title 3: Monetary Theory with a Spectrum of Liquid Assets

Gagliarducci Stefano - STATA, European Public Choice, Labour and Personnel Economics

European Public Choice

Title 1: Spillover Effects of Women's Political Exposure

Labour and Personnel Economics

Title 1: Tax Deductions and Labor Supply

Title 2: Spillover Effects of Gender Quotas

Gibilisco Paolo - Mathematics

Title 1: Geometric and algebraic properties of Fisher information

Title 2: Means and expectations

Iossa Elisabetta - Law and Economics: Procurement, Partnerships and Corruption

Title 1: Corruption in public procurement

Title 2: Bid rigging in public procurement

Title 3: The law and economics of concession contracts

Iozzi Alberto - Microeconomics I

Title 1: Advertising in the media markets

Mezzetti Maura - Statistics

Title 1: Combination of individual and aggregated data

Title 2: Estimating distribution of cancer age at onset

Title 3: Matrix exponential specification for spatial correlation structures

Parisi Antonio - Statistical Computing

Title 1: Applications of the skew -elliptical distributions in economics

Pelloni Alessandra - Development Economics

Title 1: Inequality and Globalization

Title 2: Secular Stagnation Through the Lenses of Underdevelopment Traps Models

Title 3: The Debate on Scale Effects

Vuri Daniela - Labour and Personnel Economics

Title 1: The wage mobility: an empirical analysis for Italy

Title 2: The evolution of mixed marriages in Italy

Title 3: Private vs public schools in Italy

Waldmann Robert - Macroeconomics

Title 1: Strategic bias in forecasts: Do agents who have performed poorly make extreme forecasts in order to, in effect play double or nothing ? It is possible to distinguish past poor performance from over confidence using the signs of old forecast errors. (see Nasaria Solferino and Robert Waldmann (2010) “Predicting the Signs of Forecast Errors”Journal of Forecasting vol 29 no 5 pp 476-485. and Tilman Ehrbeck and Robert Waldmann (1996) "Why Are Professional Forecasters Biased? Agency Vs. Behavioral Explanations," Quarterly Journal of Economics vol. 111 pp 21-40 (February 1996).)

Title 2: Behavioral Macroeconomics with Imperfect Credit Markets. In the literature both boundedly rational learning and contstraints on borrowing imply fairly modest differences from standard New Keynesian models. The combination can cause outcomes completely unlike those of standard models including output declines on the order of the great depression.

Title 3: Testing common factor restrictions in models with heteroskedastic disturbances. Standard heteroskedastic robust variance covariance estimates are biased. It is easy to calculate an unbiased estimate. This is not useful for most purposes, but very useful if one is interested in testing whether the same model describes each individual in a panel.

Title 4: Robust Instrumental Variables estimation. The existing literature on robust IV (two stage and gmm) estimators regards bounded influence function estimators. The problem of finding a high breakdown point IV estimator is quite different, understudied, and interesting.

Title 5: The old old debate on expectations. Inflation expectations both from survey data and from the break even inflation rate which causes the same return on inflation protected and nominal treasuries corresponds to common behavioral models of expectation formation rather than fully rational expectations.

Title 6: Sunspot equilibria in Endogenous growth models and business cycle facts. There are many models of endogenous fluctuations. Oddly the literature contrasting their performance with standard models with unique equilibria is limited.

Zoli Mariangela - Environmental Economics

Title 1: Environmental awareness and public concern about shale gas production in Europe

Title 2: The impact of environmental and enforcement policies on fly tipping

Title 3: Specific and general deterrence of environmental monitoring