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For each part of the course (R/Matlab, Stata, and Python), one or more intermediate tests will be held to verify the students' achievements.

A positive evaluation for R/Matlab tests (or Stata or Python) will guarantee an exemption for that part of the course from the final exam. The exemption will remain valid for the entire academic year. The rules to be awarded a positive evaluation are different for each part and are specified in the related "teaching material" section.

Notice that, to earn a final pass grade for the course, students must earn a positive evaluation in the three parts. Otherwise, they will have to take a final exam, in presence, consisting of a practical test for all the parts of the course in which they failed.

Non-attending students will sit the final exam for all the three parts of the course.

Please notice that, in any case, students must book the exam (through Delphi) and be present on the exam date.