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Regolamento esame

The final exam is a two-hours written test consisting of four questions (mathematical exercises, possibly the discussion of an article chosen among those discussed in class). Within each question there might be a choice of "sub-questions". To pass the exam it is necessary to obtain a mark of 18 in at least three questions. The mark for the written exam is given by the average mark of the four questions. In each question the scale of marks goes from 0 to 34, so students can obtain a final mark of 30 even without answering perfectly all the questions.

There is one exam in the Summer and Fall sessions (also a midterm exam right after the end of the course). In the Winter term there are two exams but you can sit in one only. You are allowed to reject a mark (by writing it on the exam sheet) only in the Summer session and in the midterm. After that, any other exam outcome will be registered.

Additionally, students can volunteer to give presentations and have their mark added to the mark of the exam. Each presentation will be given a mark from -1 to +2, which is added to the mark of the first exam session (and midterm) after the course only and rounded to the nearest integer to determine the final mark of the students. Withdrawals from scheduled presentations will be marked with -1.

Students who do not give a presentation will have to complete an empirical exercise in STATA on one of the topics covered during the course. It will be graded with a fail or pass. Final mark registration is conditional on obtaining a pass in this exercise section. The exercise material will be made available at the beginning of the course and should be submitted at least one week before the exam.