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The exam will be written (format n. 3, according to the new University Guidelines) and administered from remote using Teams. Those who have registered for the exam will be added to the exam activity on Teams. You need to be prepared with a computer or a mobile device with a functioning camera and microphone, and a valid Teams login. You also need to be prepared with ten blank paper sheets (A4 format), and have installed CamScanner (or any equivalent scan app) on your smartphone (please, familiarize in advance).
- At the beginning of the exam, you should all be connected with the camera on placed on a side (we should be able to see you, your desk and blank papers). IThe exam will only be valid if we can see you on the camera all the time.

Immediately after everybody has established connection, we will upload the exam questions on Teams. You will then have 20 minutes to copy the questions on your blank paper sheets, in the very exact format (including spaces for answers).
- Once you're done, the exam will start, and you are no longer allowed to work on your computer/smartphone. You can raise your hand if you have a question, in which case we'll start a private chat.
- At the end of the exam, you will be asked to hand in your answers by uploading a scan of all your papers on Teams.
- If you finish the exam earlier, you can send your answers straight away.
Once we've uploaded the grades on Delphi, we will also set up a review session on Teams (date TBA).

See below for further details.




The final exam is written but it remains at the discretion of the teacher to also offer the opportunity of an oral examination. The written exam may be constituted by a mathematical exercise, a discussion of an article chosen among those presented in class, a case study or an essay type question. Students who undertake the exam in the January/February 2017 Session have the opportunity to submit a case study review during the course of Paolo Buccirossi  which will be weighted 30% of the final exam. In that case, the written exam will be weighted 70%. Students who do not submit the case study will be evaluated 100% on the exam.