Regolamento esame

Grades will be based on a final written closed book exam (90%) and a presentation (10%). As for the final written exam, candidates should be prepared to answer questions on any topic covered in the course.

As for the presentation, each student will be assigned to a group. Each group will be responsible for a 30 minutes presentation of an applied econometrics article from a top journal. The first 25 minutes of the presentation should be devoted to describe the paper: i) research question(s), ii) data source(s), iii) empirical strategy, and iv) results. All students must be able to give the full presentation. The last 5 minutes will be reserved for questions from the audience. The presenters will make slides available to the class. Presentation grades will be based on the clarity of the presentation, ability to answer questions, and the questions asked during others' presentations.

Please be reminded that registration on Delphi is mandatory.