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EXAM RULES – Summer session

The exam will be written (format n. 3, according to the last University Guidelines) and administered remotely using Microsoft Teams. Those who have registered for the exam on Delphi will be added to an exam dedicated channel within the BELOTTI-8011197-MICROECONOMETRICS team.

You need to be prepared with a PC (notebook) or a mobile device equipped with a stable internet connection and with a functioning camera and microphone.
On your desk, there should be only: at least ten blank paper sheets (A4 format), two pens, and a hand calculator. You also need to turn your smartphone/tablet into a pocket scanner, for example by using a scanner app (e.g., CamScanner). Please, familiarize in advance with the scanning functionality of your device since it will be used to scan and send back the exam paper via Microsoft Teams. It is advisable to install the Microsoft Teams app on the device that will serve as a scanner so that you can scan and upload the exam paper using one device. The ideal setting would be to have a device (pc / notebook) with a functioning camera and microphone to join the online session via Microsoft Teams and use a smartphone/tablet equipped with an internet connection to scan and hand in the exam through the Microsoft Teams app.

A demo session on Teams is scheduled for June 19th, 2020 at 9:30am.


On the day of the exam:

- When the exam begins, you will be required to join the online session with both the camera and microphone turned on. The camera/device must be placed on a side (the committee should be able to see you, your desk and blank paper sheets). The exam will only be valid if the committee can see you on the camera all the time.

- After I have taken attendance, verified that everybody is correctly framed by the camera, and that only a couple of pens, the required paper sheets and calculator are on your desk, I will administer the exam as an assignment in the general channel of the BELOTTI-8011197-MICROECONOMETRICS team. You will then have 20 minutes to copy the exercises on your blank paper sheets, in the very exact format. Your copying mistakes are your responsibility.

- When everybody is finished with copying the text of the exam, the examination will start, and you are no longer allowed to use your devices (pc/smartphone/tablet). You have 1 hour. You can raise your hand if you have a question, in which case you will be allowed to use the device to start a private chat on Microsoft Teams.

- At the end of the exam, you will be asked to scan all the paper sheets with your answers using your mobile device and to upload the scanned documents by replying to the assignment on Teams. If you finish your exam earlier, you are allowed to scan and upload the documents straight away.

- Once the grades will be available on Delphi, I will also set up a review session on Teams (date TBA).


EXAM RULES – April session

In the exam session of April, candidates will be provided with four multiple choice questions and an additional question to be answered individually and orally. Questions will be communicated to candidates through a PDF in the File section of the Microsoft Teams channel that is dedicated to the exam. Candidates will have 30 minutes to elaborate the answers to the multiple choice questions, which will be returned to the commission using a form shared through Microsoft Teams. Marks will be communicated through the platform Delphi.