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✓ High School Diploma: you must upload your high school diploma certificate (in english or in the original language of education). Moreover, in the form you must indicate the number of years of education (i.e. elementary + middle + high school). Please be aware that the minimum requirement in Italy is 12 years of education in order to enter the university. If you do not have the original document, you can upload a self-declaration, indicating the name of the School, the course type, the date of achievement and the final grade.

✓ Official Transcript of Exams: you must upload the official document issued by the university, in Italian or in English (different languages are not accepted), that contains the name of the university, the bachelor program and the list of the exams and grades achieved.

✓Curriculum Vitae: a brief but complete CV should highlight the most important steps of your academic and professional career. The Admissions Board will evaluate the information included in the CV and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience, and knowledge.


- Cover Letter: strongly recommended but non-compulsory. Please provide information regarding your motivation for enrolling in the Master program, your extracurricular activities and your work experience. You should include the following: Why would you like to study in this Master program? How do you see your professional future? How will the program assist you in obtaining these goals?

- Reference Letter: candidates may indicate, in the specific section, the name and the institutional email address of the academic or scholar and upload the document. Please be aware that the Admissions Board may contact the referee for further information.

- English Proficiency Certificate: recommended but not mandatory. You may choose to submit the certificate to supplement your application (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, FIRST, CAE, Erasmus certificate, etc.)

- GRE or GMAT: if you wish, you may include GRE or GMAT results in your application, which may be relevant for evaluation purposes.