Double Degree University of Gothenburg

Davide Pannozzo


A.y. 2017/2018 at Tor Vergata University of Rome
A.y. 2018/2019 at University of Gothenburg

Why I have choose a Double Degree program?

I decided to apply for this Double degree program since I thought it would be a nice experience for my human development. Moreover is a nice occasion to meet new people, study in a different environment and to enhance your personal skills. Studying abroad is a nice chance for a student and it is a choice someone should always take. Studying here for me is also a nice opportunity to go deeper to some topics that here are very well covered.

What are my expectations?

My expectations for this year are high, the University of Gothenburg is a completely different environment, more practical-oriented, with young and skilled professors and the Scandinavia is a completely different culture. I am sure that here I will learn a lot both on the academic topics and in the daily life experiences knowing people from worldwide and learning different studying methods that one day will help me both in a job or in an academic career.