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COORDINATOR: Professor Carlo Ciccarelli

GENERAL ADMISSION PROCESS: Selection is based on academic standing, CV, motivational letter, knowledge of English.


  • An undergraduate degree (or be near completion of the degree, to be concluded before enrolment) in the areas of Economics and Political Science. Students with a background in Law, Management, Humanities, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, or an equivalent degree who are strongly motivated in studying economics can also apply. Particular consideration will be given to students with an academic background in economics.
  • English language knowledge: candidates are required to present one of the following certificates with an issue date less than 3 years ago:
  • a B2 (or above) Common European Framework (CEF) Certificate of English
  • International English language Testing System (IELTS) – minimum score 6.5
  • First Certificate (FCE) -  University of Cambridge ESOL Exam
  • Business English Certificate (BEC) - Vantage Level - University of Cambridge ESOL Exam
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): IBT (Internet Based Test) minimum score 87; PBT (Paper  Based Test) minimum score 513; CBT (Computer Based Test) minimum score 183
  • Trinity College of London - Integrated Skills Examinations – ISE II

No English proficiency certificates are required from students who:

  1. have earned a bachelor degree from institutions where the programme was taught in English;
  2. are citizens of the following countries where English is the official or one of the official languages United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta. Students from all other countries where English is one of the official languages, will not be exempted from presenting the certificate.

Applicants who do not have an English certificate can still apply, however, the EEBL Programme Office strongly recommends that all students have a language certificate at the time of admission or shortly thereafter because language certificates will be needed to participate in most foreign exchange programmes, dual degree programmes and internship opportunities. 

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: The Admission Board will only take into consideration applicants who have completed their application. In order to apply please register HERE and follow the instructions. Students are requested to use just one email address to apply (that will be the email address used for all the official communications). After registration you will receive a confirmation email so you will be able to fill in the online form and upload the required documents. With your password you may enter the system more than once to complete the uploading of your documents:

  1. High school diploma certificate.
  2. Transcripts of record including a list of the completed exams and marks achieved during the undergraduate degree.
  3. Curriculum vitae (in .pdf format). The Admission Board will evaluate the information included in the CV and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience and knowledge.
  4. English proficiency certificate (as specified above).
  5. Motivational letter (in .pdf format), recommended.
  6. Reference letter from one referee (a professor or an employer), recommended. Once the contact details of the referee are inserted, the system will automatically send out a request to the referee for uploading the reference letter. The referee should follow the instructions in the automated reply.
  7. Copy of the first page of the passport.


After completing the procedure, students will be requested to pay a €30,00 application fee through PagoPA System (PagoPA Guide) and to validate the payment on the online Delphi platform (Select Box 2 "You have already filled out an application). The payment form is available at the end of the application procedure. The following categories of students are exempt from the application fee payment:
- students with disability equal to or greater than 66%
- students who have earned a bachelor degree at Tor Vergata University with a final grade of at least 100/110.

The application completion includes the application fee payment and the application fee payment validation on the Delphi platform. Once the application is complete, the Admission Board will evaluate it, and within 2 weeks the applicant will be notified by email regarding the results (Admission/ Rejection). Only completed applications will be evaluated.

ANNUAL TUITION FEES: The tuition fees are calculated according to the student's country of origin. Please check our webpage for details.

FINANCIAL AID: Benefits and scholarships are available (please visit the Scholarships and Tuition Exemption sections of the EEBL website).

DEADLINES FOR APPLICATION: The following dates indicate the last available day to complete the application (i.e. the application is complete once you validate the application fee payment on the Delphi platform):

  • Non-EU applicants: 31 May 2022
  • EU applicants with non-Italian bachelor degree and EU applicants with Italian bachelor different from Economics: 23 August 2022
  • EU applicants with Italian bachelor degree in Economics: 7 September 2022

DEADLINES FOR ENROLMENT: Enrolment usually begins in early September and the first deadline is in early November.

Students who complete their bachelor degree between September 2022 and December 2022 are allowed to enrol within 30 days from their graduation date, but not later than the 31 December 2022 late enrolment date.

Contacts | MSc in EEBL Admissions Office
Telephone: + 39 06 7259 5719
Email: admissions@eebl.uniroma2.it