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Exam Structure

The written exam is structured as one open-ended question. A minimum grade (18/30) is required to pass to the oral exam.
The oral exam will follow. 

General reference is made to the EEBL course's rules about exams.


Final exam: written and oral (50%; 50%). Participation in classes will be also taken into account.

Criteria for students assessment

The exam evaluates the overall preparation of the student, the ability to integrate the knowledge of the different parts of the program, the consequentiality of the reasoning, the analytical ability and the autonomy of judgment. Furthermore, language properties and clarity of presentation are evaluated, in compliance with the Dublin descriptors (1. Knowledge and understanding); 2. Ability to apply knowledge and understanding; 3 . Making judgments; 4. Learning skills; 5: Communication skills.

Grades (on a scale of 30)

30-30L: Excellent level of knowledge and in-depth understanding of the topics. Excellent skills of analysis, synthesis and autonomy of judgment. Arguments expressed in an original way and with appropriate technical language.

27-29: Complete knowledge and understanding of the topics; remarkable abilities of analysis and synthesis. Good autonomy of judgment. Topics exposed rigorously and with appropriate / technical language

24-26: Fair knowledge and understanding of the topics; good skills of analysis and synthesis with arguments expressed in a rigorous way but with a language that is not always appropriate / technical. 

21-23: Routine knowledge and understanding of topics; Ability to correct analysis and synthesis with sufficiently coherent logical argumentation and appropriate / technical language

18-20: just sufficient knowledge and understanding of the topics with possible generalizations and imperfections; sufficient capacity for analysis, synthesis and autonomy of judgment, the topics are frequently exposed in an inconsistent way and with inappropriate / technical language

Not passed: important deficiencies and / or inaccuracies in the knowledge and understanding of the topics; limited capacity for analysis and synthesis, frequent generalizations and limited critical and judgment skills, the topics are presented in an inconsistent way and with inappropriate language.