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The Master of Science degree programme in European Economy and Business Law (LM 90) is geared toward students with different cultural, economic and academic backgrounds. Hence, all EEBL enrolled students benefit from an exceptional advantage as part of an intercultural and interdisciplinary class.

In order to provide additional preparation and support to students with a weak background in maths, statistics and micro and microeconomics,  students will be expected to attend specific preparatory courses that are offered free of charge from the end of August to the end of September each year. Reading materials and lecture notes to review will be provided prior to arrival at the University campus.  The preparatory courses are obligatory for those with a weak background in economics and mathematics, and they are also useful for students with a background in economics, as a general review. In addition, for students who are already living in Rome or finishing up their bachelor degree at the Univerisity of Rome Tor Vergata, there are additional specific preparatory courses to follow during the academic year in order to receive useful preparation for the more challenging EEBL courses.


School of Economics, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Department of Economics and Finance
via Columbia, 2 - 00133 Rome, Italy
Building B (Ricerca)