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ARPM summer camp in NYC

New York, August 2020

The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp is an intense training with hundreds of onsite attendees, practitioners and academics.


The ARPM Bootcamp provides a rigorous quantitative framework necessary to operate across the complex world of quantitative risk management and portfolio management.

The ARPM Bootcamp program includes: data science, machine learning, market modeling, factor modeling, portfolio construction, liquidity, dynamic strategies, and much more

  • Onsite: Intense 6-day training/networking event with review sessions.
  • Online: Curated video lectures, embedded in the ARPM Lab with user-friendly access to all the support materials.

Choose whether to attend the ARPM Bootcamp onsite in 6 packed days, or online at your own pace.


The ARPM Lab contains all the support materials to learn and practice the concepts covered during the lectures.


The ARPM Bootcamp provides multiple networking opportunities:

  • ARPM Bootcamp Classroom online: virtual venue to socialize with fellow Bootcampers and ARPM instructors
  • Social Mixer: an informal gathering to mingle, chat, play, share memories, and take photos in our booth.


Certificate of Completion; 40 GARP CPD, credits toward academic degree with partner universities.


For any inquiries, get in touch with Zorica Ivanovic

Student Testimonies

ARPM Bootcamp 2019

The ARPM Bootcamp experience has been one of the most formative experience I have ever had in my study path.

The Bootcamp allowed me to deeply understand how most of the academic knowledge gained from quantitative finance, asset management and banking fields finds application in practice.

The course is structured as a full week in which theoretical lessons and practice sessions alternate to let attendees naturally give substance to what learnt.

What immediately emerges from these lessons is Attilio Meucci’s incredible passion and dedication as a lecturer. Furthermore, I had the exceptional opportunity to attend to guest lectures held by Peter Carr, Emanuel Derman and Bob Littermann.

I would highly recommend being active in the discussion and taking a chance to ask questions to some of the most knowledgeable personalities currently present in the quantitative finance field.

The biggest revelation for me has been the environment I was exposed to and the people I got in contact with, such as remarkable professors, brilliant students and uniquely experienced professionals from all over the world.

I was really impressed by the career opportunities the course can open through its networking. In the ARPM Bootcamp context it is possible to find the ideal environment to start your career, grow or simply be inspired.

I would really like to recommend this program to everyone who is interested in developing in both the academically and professionally.

Annalisa Carosi - Class 2017/2019

ARPM Bootcamp 2018

The ARPM program helped my learning process in many ways. It gave me consistency and structure to all my academic knowledge and put at work all my quantitative skills in the risk and portfolio management applications.

The ARPM Marathon perfectly matches theory and practice in an intensive and deeply quantitative way. The courses are constantly supported by lessons held by both professors from academia and practitioners, who are always ready to help you in the process. The lessons and its assignments are thought to go deeply and extensively in all the directions. Attilio Meucci is extremely passionate lecturer and he is able to give you always intuitions and ideas about what he teaches about.

The ARPM Bootcamp lectures were terrific.
I would definitely recommend the program. I personally want to give a big thank you to all the staff and Attilio for their tremendous work.

Marco Scarpetta - Class 2016/2017