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Exam score breakdown:

  • Class participation (10%);

  • Take Home (50%, 10% each);

  • Each ’Take Home’ MUST BE returned by e-mail in .pdf format. The file MUST BE saved as surname-name-TH-number and sent by the following Tuesday at 11:59PM (GMT+1) to rocco[dot]ciciretti[at]uniroma2[dot]it;

  • Final exam (40%): one theory question and one exercise (If you do not use TH you also loose Class participation, and your final grade is 100% on the final exam grade). Student are only allowed to sit the exam twice. The grade of the resit will be registered (included a mark of "fail").


Exam Procedure -- Here is important information, please read it carefully.


If you are register in the MSFT-Teams class for Financial market model, in the Newsletter and you booked the exam in Delphi, you will be added to the exam virtual class. This means that you are using your first attempt. If you decide to move to another exam call, you should cancel from Delphi and send a mail to rocco.ciciretti@uniroma2.it, otherwise you are using your first attempt.

You will receive the exam file through a link generated by MSFT-Forms in the MSFT-Teams virtual exam class. The first part of the meeting is dedicated to the identification of each student, by showing a valid ID and the exam booklet. Students must keep their video cameras activated on MSFT-Teams for the duration of the exam. The exam session expires after 45min and the link to submit your work is no longer active. Please make sure to submit your files before the end of the exam session. All submitted files will be checked with anti-plagiarism software.

The final grade will be posted on Delphi.