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Program Structure

The program structure shows the overview of the program in more detail, divided per semester and per year.

NEWS! Starting from 2020/2021 academic cycle:

  • new course in Coding and Data Analysis for Finance
  • new elective course in Life Insurance
  • new elective course in Fixed Income
  • new elective courses in Advanced Topics in Finance and Insurance I & II

Rules for Elective Courses

  • Class 2019/2020 and earlier: students can take elective courses strarting from the second year of studies.
  • Class 2020/2021: students can take elective courses strarting from the second semester of the first year of studies.
  • If students want to take an elective course that is not indicated in the elective courses list of their class program structure:
  1. The chosen course must be offered in English by a Master of Science Program of the School of Economics.
  2. Students must send an email to msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it asking for authorization.

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