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Success Stories

Christian Romaniello

I got my Master of Science in Finance and Banking in July 2016 with honors, participating at the Dual Degree Program with the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Goteborg. It was an incredible experience full of personal and academic satisfactions. I met fantastic people in a very flexible and dynamic environment.The Ekman scholarship for the best master thesis of the year was the final award that fixed this fantastic year in my memory. In July 2016 I started my internship at Deutsche Bank, where I am actually supporting the Sales Division in the mutual funds’ distribution to institutional and retail investors. The Asset Management industry is resulting a very interesting sector where I am transversally using my Knowledge gained during my two years of master.

Gianluca Michael Cristell

My dual citizenship granted me the right to be an insider in two cultures and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. This is at the origin of my flexible mentality and attraction to diversity. The MSc has been a great experience, since I have met many students from all over the world, sharing experiences, cultures and traditions. I graduated in November 2013, with a final dissertation on "Journalists and Markets, Framing Financial Media". I have lived in Thailand for the past few years partnering with a legal advisory company. My main role is to match investment and opportunities providing the legal framework and business service support. I promote commercial relations and trade between EU and South East Asia, providing clients with due diligence, tax and advisory services. Based in Bangkok I am focusing on assisting foreign investments in SEA.

Pierluigi Giosi

I graduated in October 2015 with honors. My dissertation was on Pricing Variance SWAP contracts under stochastic volatility models”. Immediately after graduation, I started a traineeship at the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance (MEF) in Rome with the project: “Fiscal Multipliers estimates with Structural VAR models. After, thanks to the advanced preparation offered by the Master, I have been successfully admitted to the PhD in Applied Statistics at the Université de Neuchâtel. The research concerns corporate valuation and fundamentals analysis and supporting the course of “Statistical Learning”. From my experience, I would recommend the MSc to anyone who wants to acquire quantitative skills, and wants to pursue an academic career.

Nicoletta Quaranta

I got my MSc in Finance and Banking in 2014 with a final dissertation on “Idiosyncratic volatility in cross dimensional CSR”. From November 2013 until May 2014, I was Analyst intern at the Italian Ministry of Interior in the Management of Public Funding area. From April 2015, I am cooperating with Tor Vergata School of Economics, in the analysis of papers and models used in the estimation strategies related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Civil Finance. I am currently working as Process Analyst for the Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions in Milan and Munich. I’m responsible for the analysis and re-engineering of ICT industrial process; monitoring and delivery of remediation actions for process related findings raised by national and international regulatory Institutions; design of interfaces among industrial process within ICT framework, management of cross initiatives connected to the process, design concept and solutions for the operational risk assessment model.

Lorenzo Cea

While a student of the MSc in Finance and Banking, I gained several experiences. From March to October 2013 I was Intern at Banca Patrimoni Gruppo Sella & Co. providing support to the senior profiles in main different financial activities: Back Office, MiFID Compliance, Sales, Asset and Portfolio Management, Analysis of FTSE Mib, trading bonds, shares and funds. And in the following academic year I was tutor at the Department of Economics, Law and Institutions, providing support to the officers for what concerns data (using Microsoft Excel) and organizational issues. I graduated in 2015 with honors. Since September 2015, I was working as Junior Analyst/Consultant at Altran Italy offices in Milan, in close collaboration with clients in order to integrate front offices’ data with a credit risk evaluation engine. My job entails data analysis, validation of complex and plain vanilla financial products and to define functional specifications for developers.

Ludovico Donato

In 2012, while I was studying in the MSc in Finance and Banking, I was selected for the team representing Tor Vergata University in the competition “Bloomberg Trade Ideas”. After the graduation, in 2013 with honors, I started working as Finance and Risk Analyst for Accenture Management Consulting in Rome, Milan, Turin and Wien. I was mainly involved in designing and implementing Finance and Risk Management solutions for top Financial Services Firms. In 2016, I moved to London for an Internship at SLJ Marco Partners where I was engaged in the Investment area, performing macroeconomic analysis of European countries, delivering recommendation on currency trends and identifying relevant events for stress testing the fund's portfolios. Now, I am currently attending a Master in Investment and Wealth Management at the Imperial College Business School of London.

Francesco Petrini

I chose the Master of Science in Finance and Banking at the University of Rome Tor Vergata because the course cover more topics than some of the more traditional offerings from other universities. I graduated in 2013, with honors, with a dissertation on "From Bail-out to Bail-in: a case study". After a six-month internship at UBS Wealth Management in the Project Management area, I was hired in the company as Project Officer in the Organization, Innovation and Simplification area. Formerly I had internship experiences at the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for UK as Assistant Trade Analyst and at Sator Group as Research Analyst in the London branch of Sator Public Equity Value Fund.

Sarkhan Rahimli

I have a particular pride in the MSc in Finance and Banking and am incredibly grateful for what it had given me. After graduation, in 2013, I came back to Azerbaijan and started working for the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under Central Bank of Azerbaijan as Dealer. My main operations were: construct risk models; construct an econometric model to forecast default rate and LGD for the mortgage loan portfolio; liquidity management and cash flow forecast. From March 2015, I am Credit Analyst (Corporate Banking Division) at the Pasha Bank OJSC in Baku. My main tasks are: assess, analyze, forecast and interpret corporate customers` financial information; prepare reports about the degree of risk in lending money to clients; evaluate the financial status of clients, submitting loan applications to loan committees for their approval.

Farid Abassov

I was a MSc student in Finance and Banking at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. I graduated in 2013, with a final dissertation on Liquidity Risk at Basel III. Immediately after graduation, I started working at the Consular section of the Embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan in Italy, as Consular Assistant. In the meantime, I founded an Azerbaijan-Italian Youth Association, of which I am currently chairman. From January to April 2015, I was Intern at the European Parliament in Brussels. I attended meetings and wrote reports on EP Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, EP Budgetary Control and Budgets, EP Employment and Social Affairs, EP Internal Market and Consumer Protection. From May to August 2015, I was Intern at IFAD in Rome in the Controller Financial Services Division (CFS).