Dual Degree with Kozminski University

Dual Degree program in cooperation with the International Business School of the Kozminski University, Warsaw (Poland).

Every year our first year students have the chance to apply to the international mobility program. Selected students will spend their second year at the Kozminski University.

Here you can find useful information about this exchange option.


The Call for Application is usually published in February-March.

Please find in the following the documents related to the academic year 2018/2019:

Which courses can I take?

Below the list of the courses for a Tor Vergata student spending his/her second year at Kozminski University.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of the Program please do not hesitate to send your queries to Dr Mieczysław Grudziński, PhD, who will gladly provide you with necessary information: webinar@kozminski.edu.pl


3rd Semester at Kozminski University ECTS
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods 4
Communication and Negotiation Skills 2
Introdution to AML and Compliance in banking 2
Corporate Financial Reporting 5
Mergers and Acquisitions 3
Portfolio Analysis 4
Elective Course 3
Dissertation Seminar (3) 6
Total 29
4th Semester at Kozminski University
Psychology of Financial Markets 2
Alternative Investments 4
Financial Law 3
Ethical issues in finance and accounting 3
Advanced Management Accounting 3
Advanced Financial Reporting 3
Dissertation Seminar (2) 4
Dissertation Seminar (4) 10
Total 32
(Total Credits for Dissertation) (20)


Scope of the agreement

This dual degree program is a unique exchange based upon the principle of reciprocity  in  numbers  of  fellows  admitted  each  year  as  degree-seeking students under the terms of this agreement.

Duable Degree program as the jointly development and organized way of executing studies which leads to two recognised Master's degree diplomas, one from the student's home institution and one from the host institution.

The Agreement is based in the reciprocity principle. The number of students enrolled in the Program by either parties in each semester amounts to 3 (three) students.

During the master scheme, the students shall study at their home institution in their first year and transfer to the host institution in the second year.

Screening and selection

Candidates to join this program must be officially enrolled in a master programme at their home institution.

Candidates to join the program must have completed at least 60 ECTS at their home institution before they attend the  courses to the host institutions.

The recruitment of the students to the programme is the responsibility of the  home institution. Candidates joining  this program will be interviewed and admitted by each institution. However, the host institution reserves the right to reject  students if  it  considers  that  candidates do not have met academic standards required by the host institution. The  decision of the host institution in the selection of students is binding.

How are marks converted?

Grade Conversion Table
International Scale

Tor Vergata University

Kozminski University



30 cum laude 5


(Very good, with few errors)

29-30 4.5


(Good, with some errors)

27-28 4


(Satisfactory, with many errors)

24-26 3.5



18-23 3



< 17 2


Obligations by both parties

1. The courses at both institutions are taught in English. Credits obtained at the host institution are recognized by the home institution.

2. Provided a student has completed all courses, obtained enough credits, received a passing grade on his/her thesis and on his/her oral defense in English, and has met all additional requirements of both institutions according to this dual  degree programme, he/she will be awarded the corresponding Master degree from each institution according this agreement.

3. Each dual degree student will be assigned a faculty member from the host institution as a mentor.

4. The joint commission will propose the final grade to assign to the students who completed all the requirements  for  the  joint degree by taking into account the grades reported in the exams and the thesis.

5. The Master Thesis of students participating to the program must be presented at both institutions.

Obligations by Tor Vergata students

In order to obtain under the Dual Degree Program a Master Degree from Tor Vergata shall complete the total number of at least 120 ECTS, including: 60 ECTS awarde from Tor Vergata through regular coursework, 60 ECTS awarded from Kozminski through regular coursework (including the dissertation).


The Host institution will attempt to assist Dual Degreee students to obtain, at students' own expenses, on-campus accomodation or, if not available, off-campus accommodation within reasonable access to the campus, e.g. by public transport.

The host institution will provide further reasonable assistance, within its discretion and its capabilities.

How will my dissertation be supervised?

A Double Degree Student from Tor Vergata shall completed:

- total number of at least 120 ECTS, including: 60 ECTS awarded from Tor Vergata through regular coursework, 60 ECTS awarded from Kozminski through regular coursework (including the dissertation)

- thesis, completing a dissertation seminar, and oral defense.

The final Thesis of students participating in the Program must be presented at both institutions.